Saturday, August 20, 2016

August Quarter Log Cabins for Sandy

Queen Sandy asked for quarter log cabin blocks in bright summer colors.  I wasn't entirely sure what her version of bright summer colors entails, but hopefully at least one of these three fits!

This was a quick & easy block.  I also sent 2 extra bock centers, one of he green mottled and one of the yellow.  I've long had a log cabin quilt on my bucket list. Some day!

Next month is my turn as Queen and I am so excited!  I've known what I wanted to ask for since I signed up, but I was worried someone from my hive would ask for it before my month came around and I didn't want people to have to make it twice.  But I am now in the clear and working on my test blocks!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute blocks and I'm sure they will come together into an awesome quilt. So sweet that you made three blocks so she would get something she liked. You should make that log cabin quilt some day. They are simple to make, but so versatile in how you set the blocks. I used a variation of the log cabin block to make an anniversary quilt for our 10th anniversary. Didn't finish it until my 15th, but that's another story. We sleep under it every night and my husband loves it.