Friday, February 17, 2017

Savannah Bound

You guys, you guys, you guys, you guys!!!  I'M GOING TO QUILTCON EAST!! 

This is somewhat last minute and quite unexpected.  Last weekend, Irene, who is both the online Bees I am doing this year, posted in a closed facebook group asking if anyone is going to QuiltCon. I replied that I wished, but didn't realize until too late that it was half a day's drive from where I live. She sent me a personal message and asked if it was a time off issue or an accommodation issue.  I explained that I have a 3-year old, so it's a "how much solo parenting is it really reasonable to expect Dad to do" issue.  She told me that she had an extra bed at her accommodation.

Not only that, but she & her two traveling companions attend an annual retreat with someone I know through my profession; we attended a 4-day intensive leadership retreat 2 years ago. We discovered we are both crafters one morning at breakfast and started an informal craft gathering in the evenings--she does cross stitch, I had a sewing project, and we found a few knitters to pull in. So even though I do not know any of these three women, they all know someone I know and are comfortable including me in their group!

Husband is ridiculously supportive and said I should go!  So I have day passes for Friday and Saturday!!!!!!  I can not tell you how excited I am!  Anyone coming?  I'm hoping to meet some of my online friends!


  1. Oh that is so exciting!! I thought we might have come to the US this year for it but it didn't work out. I can always hope for next year.

  2. Emily, this is so EXCITING!!! The few times, I've got to meet online blogging friends, I've always been impressed how meeting in person feels so familiar. I think we are all the same at heart and that's why even meeting strangers can feel like family. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures at the show!