Saturday, June 4, 2016

May: Catherine Wheel for Gina

May was Gina's turn to be Queen in my hive of the stash bee.  She designed a block that she & her husband call the Catherine Wheel.  Here is mine:
I like how the block looks, and I think that when combined, multiple scrappy blocks will look great.  It wasn't my favorite to piece, mostly because I don't usually choose blocks with tons of pieces in them.  But that's exactly why I joined the Stash Bee, to do blocks in styles that I wouldn't otherwise choose.

I didn't make a complete 2nd block, but I did make several components of another block and sent those along as well.

These will travel all the way to Wales, which is pretty cool!  Another awesome thing about the stash bee!

I realized as I was working on this block that my low volume stash was pretty, well, low.  Since a lot of the stash bee blocks are scrappy and many seem to call for low volume, I decided this called for a trip to the local quilt shop!  I picked 6 different low volumes and bought a half yard of each.  It also turns out that this quilt shop has a box of toys to occupy little ones--Munchkin found a great truck and had a glorious time while I ran around trying to select, get cut, and pay in the 15 minutes I promised Husband.


  1. It's always a good thing to be nudged out of our comfort zone a little. Your block turned out great! :)

  2. Making what you wouldn't is also why I join Bees - and sometimes you end up really liking a new technique! The block for Gina looks great. She's Hive mate of mine in another Bee :)

  3. I love the fabrics that went into your bee block. It does have a great scrappy look going on. I'm sure Gina will love her block.