Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Bee Blocks

I'm in two online quilting bees this year.

In Stash Bee, it is Lori's turn to be our Queen.  Lori is making an I Spy quilt for her father who has Alzheimer's.  She asked for I Spy blocks, extra bonus points if the fabrics had to do with fishing.

Well, novelty fabrics are of course my favorite and I have a huge stash of 5" squares from various swaps I've done.  I made 6 blocks for Lori and it was hard to narrow it down to only 6!  I loved this block and think I might do my own I Spy quit this way.  Here's is Lori's tutorial.

In Bee Inspired, it's Queen Kate's turn. She picked a really fun trees and gnomes block, originally by Sylvia at Flying Parrot Quilts.  I had a good time with this one.  It calls for several background prints, and some actually looked better on the wrong side of the fabric, so I flipped a few around.  Hopefully you can't tell when you look at the block!

One thing I really like about these Bees is that I get to meet quilters from all over the world.  This month, both of my blocks are leaving the United States.  Lori is in Canada and Kate is in the UK. 

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  1. The square in a square block does add an extra layer of fun to the eye spy quilt. I really love the green print in the lower left block. It looks life fluffy soft grass. I have seen a few blocks on other blogs for Kate as well. All of these are going to make for a very cute and whimsical quilt :)