Saturday, August 1, 2015

Finished! Winnie the Pooh Quartet

At some point, someone (I'm guessing it was my mom) gave me some Winnie the Pooh fabric.  It says "exclusively for Jo-Ann's" on the selvage, so I do know where it came from, but it was partly cut into and I know I didn't buy it.  Anyway, I had it, and I decided it was time to do something with it.

When I got it out recently, I as originally thinking I had enough to do 2 quilts.  Well, after some cutting, and realizing I had even more than I thought, I ended up with 4 Winnie the Pooh quilts!

Two are slightly larger and have 2 sets of Winnie the Pooh panels.  These are basically twins, with one quilt using solid green sashing and the other using solid yellow sashing.
The other two are smaller.  They each have a small inner border of the solid yellow, and then each has a larger border of a floral from my stash.  (The florals are different on each of the two quilts.)
The Winnie the Pooh print, the floral fabrics, and the binding for the smaller two all came out of my stash.  I bought the two solids for this project.  I used all the yellow, and have just a little bit of green left that was made into binding, so that will get used up when I have a quilt calling for scrappy binding.  So all in all, I used up a fair amount of stash and didn't really leave any leftovers to add to stash!

I'm into diagonal grid quilting at the moment, so that's what all of these have.  All four of these will be donated to my local chapter of Project Linus, hopefully at the August meeting.  This is a Q3 finish for the Finish Along hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side.  You can see my Q3 goals post here.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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