Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Hive Crash in honor of Queen Lisa

The Queen of my Stash Bee hive this month is Linda.  Linda had to abdicate her throne due to helping a friend.  We did convince her to at least tell us the color scheme she had in mind so that we could send her some scraps or a fat quarter.  She plans on using lime green, pink, coral, and yellow.  I found a few medium sized sized scraps and will send them along.

In addition, one of the suggestions she gave us for for what to do instead of making her a block was to crash another hive.  When I saw that one woman is making a quilt for her 3-year-old daughter, I knew that was the one for me.  She specifically encouraged novelty fabrics, and you novelty fabrics are my favorite!
I went through my I Spy scraps and didn't find much pink, the lucky little girl's favorite color.  But there are some fun novelties here, with butterflies, rainbows, bananas, and penguins.  And those red dots with the bananas are actually hearts.  She is hoping this quilt will be the springboard for bedtime stories and keep her daughter occupied and IN BED!

I've had a really great time in the Stash Bee and plan to be back next year.  It's fun getting a small taste of lots of different blocks without committing to an entire project. 

Friday, November 25, 2016


It's finished!  After making the penguin pillow for Munchkin's birthday, I decided to get rid of our horribly bulky couch cushions and make a menagerie of animal pillows.  Panda was first up.
The pattern is a free one from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Pattern PDF is here, and there is also a YouTube video tutorial.

I used Kona solids in black, white, plum, asparagus, and celery.  My background is darker than the sample from Fat Quarter Shop because I didn't feel like that one had enough contrast.  I really like the contrast with the plum.

This is a 20" pillow and I used a pillow insert from Ikea.  I use the envelope pillow method by Crazy Mom Quilts.  I am careful to always label my quilts, but I didn't think about labeling pillows until I had a comment from Paige of Quilted Blooms.  Since I use a back on the quilted part of my pillow, she mentioned marking directly on the back with micron pen.  And so I did!

Since I've had a few people ask what other animals will be apart of my menagerie, here is a sneak peak of the next one:

Panda was goal #5 on my list of 4th quarter goals for the globally hosted Finish Along.  This was also my November One Monthly Goal for the OMG goal-setting party currently hosted by Elm Street Quilts (goal setter #23).
2016 FAL
Elm Street Quilts

Sunday, November 20, 2016


All the colors for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge have been given out, leaving the last 2 months of the year for catching up and/or finishing projects.  Here are my pink butterflies, originally meant for July.

I've got one with dark pinks and one with light pinks.  It's interesting how different they are!

I now only have red and yellow left.  I pulled scraps earlier this week, so I'm at least heading in the right direction!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

OMG November

I made my son a penguin pillow for his birthday.  It was a lot of fun to do and I really like it.  I have decided to get rid of the oversize cushions on our couch and make a menagerie of animal throw pillows instead.  First up: Panda!

My son is currently crazy for pandas.  I'm using the Fat Quarter Shop's free panda-monium quilt pattern.  Here is the head:
Oh no!  Panda doesn't have a body!  Don't worry, he will!  My one monthly goal is to complete this panda as a 20" pillow. 

One Monthly Goal has moved!  Elm Street Quilts is the new host, and I'm linking up for the fabulous One Monthly Goal (OMG) goal-setting motivation and awesomeness!
Elm Street Quilts