Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September finish! Bonus gifts

As I Spy quilts are my current quilting obsession and have been for over two years, I occasionally host I Spy swaps. I'm just wrapping up my 5th. During the 4th, there was a shipping mishap. Two of the ladies affected by the mishap chose to stay in my current swap, even though the problem was completely my fault. I decided to make them each something extra to ship with their swap #5 goodies. I am pleased to say that in both cases, their lost packages did eventually arrive, but I am going to send them the extras anyway, mostly to show my appreciate in their sticking with me.

 I have had more communication with one lady (Colorado) than the other (Nebraska). Colorado is also very active on Flickr and does a lot of swaps, so I've seen several of her inspiration boards and have a bit of an idea of what she likes. Since I know she likes seasonal stuff and has a sense of whimsy, I made her this mini. It's from a pattern by Juliet of The Tartan Kiwi. I love it, and I plan to make one very similar for myself. The fabric is a little too directional for someone fairly new to paper piecing like me, but I'm pleased with it just the same.

I have very little information about Nebraska. Her flickr posts are only what she is submitting for I Spy swaps, and we've only communicated a little. So I made her a pouch. I figured pouches were fairly safe and liked by most people. This one is a boxy pouch from a youtube tutorial by The Crafty Gemini.

Finishing these bonus gifts was my mystery goal for September's A Lovely Year of Finishes. (I was number 78.)
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