Monday, January 16, 2017

Hazel & the Hedgehogs

Introducing...Hazel & the Hedgehogs!

I've been wanting to make my own version of Hazel Hedgehog for a while now.  I was particularly inspired by this version by Bendigo Lioness. I found it doing a google image search for "Hazel the Hedgehog Quilts."  I even stole the name she used!  I loved the bright print she used for Hazel's spikes.  I thought about it, and I remembered some marbled fabrics I bought at a quilt show right after I moved to Charlotte.  My packet had 10 different marbled fabrics that were 9" x 10".  Lucky for me, that meant I could make a single Hazel from each!
Hazel in progress
I love how the marbled fabrics work as the spikes.  I also like that I am now using this "special" fabric for a project.  I'm trying to move away from things being to special to use, and this is a great example.  These fabrics make me much happier as a finished project that I can look at!

I used the glasses for one Hazel because they are just too cute not to use!  As I mentioned, I had the name of the project before I started.  At first I thought Hazel & the Hedgehogs were a girl group from the 1960s, but I have decided that they are actually a Punk Band.  Because clearly Hedgehog Punk should be A Thing.
back view
Their status as a punk band is important when it comes to the back.  Since this will be a wall hanging, I was just looking to use something up, so I started ironing a green floral that I have no use for.  But then I realized that a punk band probably wouldn't use a grandma floral and I remembered a really bright, wild print that I bought at a quilt shop in MI when I was in grad school.  I have no idea why I even liked it, I find it rather too much now, but it seemed much more appropriate for a punk band.

Blue Hazel
I initially made 4 Hazels, but I ended up deciding to have the Hazels run vertically and 4 made it too long.  Which leaves me with Blue Hazel.  Blue Hazel will go into a pillow; I already made her some friends and I hope to have it done soon.  Since the wall hanging will go to my office for my wall of minis, the pillow will stay at my house and join our pillow menagerie so that I can have Hazel at home and at work.  Win!

Kona Butter is the background, Kona Black are the eyes & noses, and the colors in the Hazels are Kona Ballerina, Honeysuckle, Jade Green, Sage, Lavender, and Bright Periwinkle.  I tried an experiment and used 2 layers of batting.  I quilted around the edge of each Hazel and in between all the spikes and I was hoping the extra batting layer would help that stand out.  I don't think it did, though I haven't washed it yet--I'm worried how the marbled fabrics will hold up in the wash. 

I love it!  I can't wait to hang it up!  Rock on, Hazel!

Hazel & the Hedgehogs was on my list of Q1 goals in the globally hosted Finish Along.


  1. I think Hedgehog Punk should be a thing! That awesome background fabric is what they would have wanted :) I'm glad to hear Blue Hazel will be joining your zoo of friends on the couch. I think every house should have a Hedgehog. Come to think of it, every office should have a Hedgehog Punk Band.

  2. SO ADORABLE!!! I love love love your Hazels!

  3. Hazel is a wild girl! Love it! Great fabrics! This pattern is on my to-do list!

  4. This is gorgeous Emily. Hazel is on my to do list this year and this has just reminded me!

  5. Oh my goodness your wall hanging turned out fantastic! Thank you for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.