Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy National Quilting Day!

A few months ago, Munchkin happened into my sewing room while I was sewing, a rare happening.  I mostly sew when he is in bed or not in the house.  But this particular day, my mother-in-law was over to spend time with Munchkin prior to being gone for several months, so I was sewing and had left the door open.

He wanted to sew with me, so I put him on lap for a few minutes and let him guide fabric.  I was making binding, so it wasn't exciting.  I decided to pull some I Spy fabric he would like and have them ready for next time he wanted to sew.

With today being National Quilting Day, I asked if he wanted to sew with me.  He did, so we sat down and matched a few sports-themed I Spy squares.  He had to learn not to touch the buttons, but overall, the session was a success!

He got to pick out of the pile next to the machine as we paired them up.  We have a way to go, as he can really only concentrate for about 15 minutes, but that's a good start!