Saturday, July 22, 2017

June Bee Blocks

I was a little behind with my June bee blocks and didn't finish until the last day of the month! I've had this post written for almost 3 weeks; I just realized it never got posted.  Sorry for the delay.  Now it will look like i finished the June and July blocks at the same time!

In Stash Bee, Queen Paulette asked for the Big Nines block designed by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  She wanted red, black, and white.  I didn't have much black or red, so when I was in Virginia camping with my family, I went to my favorite quilt shop in Wytheville, VA to pick up a few things.  Yay for excuses to visit the quilt shop!

I got a little carried away and made 3 blocks.  This was a nice, easy block with big impact.  And the block feels huge to me!  I guess I don't work with blocks that are 16 1/2" unfinished very often.

In Bee Inspired, Karen was Queen.  She took us on a trip to Paris all month!  Karen picked this really fun poodle block by The Objects of Design.  She then broke the somewhat complicated block into small pieces all month and sprinkled the tutorial with tidbits from her trip to Paris a few years ago.  The poodle quilt will go in her Paris-themed guest room.

This is Annette!  Karen asked for right-facing poodles from Bee Inspired and mentioned that she would ask for left-facing poodles from Stash Bee later in the year.  I figured I'd crash her hive later in the year and just send them together now.  So I made Annette a left-facing brother, Louis.

Louis is named after a real poodle I used to know, probably the first dog I was ever around frequently.  When I was a young, we had friends who lived a block away and they had a black poodle named Louis.  I remember him as being big and sweet.

Karen has since decided that this poodle is beyond the time limit for Stash Bee, so she'll be picking something else for her turn later in the year.  But I'm still sending these sweet poodles on to her.  I really like how they turned out, but this is a particularly time-consuming block with a lot of pieces.  I'm not against making it again, but I would only want to do one or two poodles, not an entire quilt worth.  But that's what make Bees so great, you get to dabble and not commit!


  1. The big nine blocks are definitely quick to put together and would make a great scrap/stash buster quilt. I have been admiring those poodle blocks popping up all over the place this month. They are quite adorable and I haven't seen one I didn't like yet. Happy sewing! --Andrea

  2. Your poodle blocks look great! I didn't realise those big nine blocks were so big! I was interested before - now I'm REALLY interested!