Monday, November 27, 2017

Halloween Costume

Yes, I realize we're now past Thanksgiving!  But I never posted about my Halloween costume.  I used the book Playful Hoodies by Mary Rasch to turn a red hooded sweatshirt into my Red Riding Hood costume.  This book is great!  I also used it to make Munchkin's Superman costume last year and there is a dinosaur sweatshirt on the horizon for Christmas if I can get it done.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but there is red ribbon all along the part that was cut, which is really what makes it look like a finished piece of clothing.  I don't sew clothes, but this was more or less within my capabilities.  You can tell it used to be a sweatshirt, but it's also pretty clear who I am.  I work at a community college library and I like my costumes to be recognizable by a large percentage of my population.  It was also comfortable to wear all day.

Munchkin was a dalmatian for Halloween.  I spent about $10, as I bought a long-sleeved white t-shirt, black paint, and fabric medium.  I then painted random black splotches on the t-shirt.  I asked if he wanted ears and he said, "yes.  And a tail." Tail!  I hadn't thought of that!  Sadly, I can't find the picture of the tail but he still wears the shirt, so I will take a picture next time.  I used some scrap fleece for both the ears and the tail.  The ears were glued into his fire helmet (Christmas present from Grandma last year) with hot glue.  I sewed the tail into a tube and attached it to the bottom of his t-shirt: the only sewing in the project. 

But the best part of his costume wasn't made by mom, it was made by dad.  A fire truck!

This was a large box that Husband turned into a fire truck.   It has headlights (touch lights from the dollar store) and flashing lights (the kind bicyclers frequently wear).  It is truly amazing.  A little hard to maneuver down driveways, but amazing.

 And here's our Halloween family portrait:

My Red Riding Hood cape was project number #18 on my list of Q4 goals for the globally hosted finish along


  1. Emily, great job on both costumes! And boy did dad score on the fire engine complete with lights! Too cute!

  2. Cute and creative! Your little dalmatian is a cutie.

  3. Love all of the costumes, I've always made "easy" costumes that were comfortable to wear. The fire truck was the perfect addition for Munchkin's costume--it's a keeper. BTW, has anyone ever mentioned that your husband looks like Fred Armisen?

  4. How fun! Both Halloween costumes turned out great. That fire truck and puppy costume was an inspired idea, well executed. Hope he got lots of candy (and that it's all mostly gone now).

  5. Belatedly, those are all awesome costumes! Well done to you and your husband's efforts.

  6. Great job on the costumes - you guys look awesome! On behalf of the FAL hosts, thank you for joining us!

  7. Both were looking so cute in halloween dress.I really appreciate you and your husbands efforts. You can also try a printed custom hoodies they were also looking awesome.And your idea is totally different and amazing. Do share more blogs with us.