Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fabric Valentine

Last year I made a heart mini quilt to hang on the front door.  That's about the extent of my decorating so I did not plan to make anything Valentine related this year.

A college friend of mine and his wife posted on Facebook that their daughter's kindergarten class was hoping to get Valentines from as many states as possible.  I immediately offered up representation from North Carolina.  I didn't like my Valentine's Day card choices at the store, though, as they all seemed to be for a person in the singular.  So when I saw Patty's tutorial for fabric postcards at Elm Street Quilts, I knew that was the way to go. I had limited time if I wanted it to arrive on time, so I used a single piece of fabric on the front: no piecing and no applique.

Dogwoods!  Not only personally significant, potentially educational!

I figured using the state flower made it pretty and was a reasonable thing to mention to a class of kindergartners.  Hopefully it's readable; I made a bit of a mistake on "dogwood" and micron pen doesn't edit easily.

The fabric postcard was pretty quick and I enjoyed it!  It's 4" x 6" and I did mail it in an envelope as I thought it would be safer.  I can see more fabric postcards in my future!


  1. What a fabulous idea! It turned out cute...and was for a good cause, too. Love the colors as that pink is just perfect for Valentine's Day. Happy sewing! Andrea

  2. How lovely to send a fabric postcard instead of just a shop bought one, it will be extra special. Using your state flower is perfect. I have only sent a small number by post but I always use envelopes.

  3. How fun! Have you heard back from the class or teacher?