Sunday, September 2, 2018

July & August Bee Blocks

I've stayed caught up in both of my online quilting bees, though I'm behind in posting pictures of my blocks.  Bees are great for giving me a variety of blocks to play with in a variety of styles, color combinations, and techniques.

In Bee Inspired, Queen Jen of June gave us free range for our blocks, though she did give ideas and a few block inspirations.  I had already made and mailed my June block, but then one of our members was ill and in and out of the hospital, so I volunteered to make a block on her behalf.  One of the blocks Jen posted as liking was this Blooming Squares block from Quilter's Cache.  I hope I got Jen's tertiary color range right, but I have to say I absolutely love how this turned out!  Jen plans on making the blocks into mini quilts so I added a border around mine to make it look more finished.  I think there is a very strong possibility I will make this again. (I didn't love the tutorial, though, and felt like it was not very thorough or easy to follow, so consider yourself warned.)

Bee Inspired for July was Queen Sue.  Sue asked for a toadstool block.  She asked for the same block in Stash Bee earlier this year and I crashed her hive because I liked the block so much.  I was thrilled to make two more toadstools.  This is for Sue's niece, Tilly, who is almost 3, so novelty prints were encouraged.

Stash Bee's July Queen was Queen Heather.  She asked for a Scrappy Crossroads block designed by Lori Holt.  I was able to use 2 1/2" squares already cut and in my scrap stash.

I actually made my August blocks fairly early in the month but I didn't feel as though I could post them until they were actually in the mail.  I finally got them packaged up and have received confirmation that all have arrived to their intended Queens.

Queen Karen of Bee Inspired asked for Wanta Fanta blocks in shades of orange.  I had seen the Wanta Fanta block in Stash Bee many times but this was my first time making one.  Karen asked that we not assemble the block components so that she can mix and match, so that's why my block isn't fully assembled. I tried to repeat as few fabrics as possible, though orange is not my favorite color so my stash lacks a lot of depth in the orange bin.

Queen Mary Ann of Stash Bee asked for double bow tie blocks in shades of blue.  Mary Ann is making a quilt for each bed in the Friendship House in Fayetteville, NC.  I was in her Stash Bee hive last year as well and made blocks for a Friendship House quilt and I was so impressed with her goal and the program that I sent her a completed top that she quilted and donated.  I knew I wanted to make extras blocks for this great cause.  One of our members is undergoing extensive medical treatments, so I made two blocks from me and two from that member.

The September Queens made their requests yesterday so now I need to get busy!  I really do love the variety of blocks in my bees and getting to talk with quilters from all over.


  1. Blooming Squares is gorgeous. It would be hard to give that one up! Congrats on keeping up with all your blocks, you've definitely been a busy bee this month!