Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fall Quilt Along

Last year, I participated in a Christmas Quilt Along designed by a group that now calls themselves Partners In Design.  I really enjoyed it and was excited when they announced that their 2018 QAL had a fall theme.  Every two weeks, a different block was released.

Here's my completed quilt!  For the Christmas sampler, I was 100% scrappy from stash.  I liked it, but missed the cohesion that I saw in some of the other quilts.  So for this one, I chose a background fabric, Kona Waterfall, and everything else was from stash. So it's scrappy but looks like it all belongs together.

That turkey was the hardest block!  It's cute, but man was it tricky.  So many pieces!

The QAL had twelve blocks.  I planned on a 4 x 4 setting, so I needed four additional blocks.  The acorn block gave two options and I made them both, leaving me with three blocks needed.  Since colorful leaves are such a big part of fall, I decided to make different leaf blocks and put them in each of the corners, with the leaf designed for this QAL in the fourth corner. 

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I did this as a Quilt-As-You-Go project.  My favorite quilting is that sunflower with the big spiral.  This is my third quilt using this version of QAYG and I'm starting to fall out of love with it.  I love doing the quilting in small sections, but I struggle with the assembly.  I'm going to try a different technique for QAYG and see if I like it better. 

I think the owl and the hedgehog are my favorites! 

When I say that everything but the background is from stash, I mean everything, including batting and backing.  I had a dark teal mottled fabric that I used for most of the blocks, but there wasn't enough for 16 blocks.  So whatever I had in shades of green that was big enough was used for the other blocks.  It's a bit eclectic.

The same group is planning another quilt along in 2019.  They asked for theme ideas and I suggested "day at the zoo."  It will be fun to see what they pick!

Fall QAL was #18 on my list of Q4 goals for the globally-hosted Finish Along.  It has been donated to my local Project Linus chapter. 


  1. This quilt is so cute! Each block is very special, I especially love the owl's big eyes.

  2. Very, very cute! The hedgehog and owl blocks are my favorites. Some little one will love it.

  3. It's a lovely fun quilt. I too love the hedgehog! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2018 global FAL hosts.