Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Q3 goals

In this year's globally hosted Finish Along, I had a slow Quarter 1 and a much more productive Quarter 2.  Here's my list of goals for Quarter 3.   My list has more than I can finish because I never know what I'll be in the mood to work on. 

General Projects and Gifts

1. Penguins
When I was Queen Bee in Stash Bee this January,  I asked for penguin blocks.  I'm so excited to create this Waddle of Penguins!

2.  Extra for Miren
I finished a baby quilt last quarter that still needs a companion gift for Big Sister.  I'm still waiting to hear from her parents what Miren, age 3, is particularly fond of, so this one is undefined so far.  It will likely be either a pillowcase or a small pillow.

3. Island Batik July Project
July's project features Aurifil thread.  I'm really close to finishing this one.  Check out the beauties that I've been working with:

4. August Island Batik project
The theme is Stars and I'm so excited to work on it!

5. September Island Batik Project
September is Child's Play and you know I love making quilts for kids! This will be my first ever spider web quilt!

6. Panda for Tracy
My friend Tracy asked me to make her a Panda wall hanging.  I've ordered fabric and would like to finish it for her birthday in early October.

Mini Quilts & Pillows

Pillow Menagerie
I am slowly making us a menagerie of animal throw pillows four our couch, as I got rid of the big cushions that came with the couch because they were so big it was annoying.  The following are pillows I have patterns and fabric for, and I've spent time getting the pattern pieces enlarged and color coded.
7. Lion--pattern is from the zoo animals collection by Kristy @ Quiet Play
8. Giraffe--pattern is from the zoo animals collection by Kristy @ Quiet Play

Donation Quilts

9. Snowmen
I liked the Snowman block by Sherry of Powered by Quilting so much that I'm doing a whole quilt of snowmen!  I've made 5 blocks and I want to make 4 more and then have fun with different embellishments.

10. Patriotic Stars, part 2
These were my bee blocks from April 2018.  Most of them were turned into a door decoration, but I still have a few blocks left to turn into a donation quilt.

11. Blue Forest Animals
This was a fabric donated to my Project Linus chapter that I really liked.  I have the blue print cut into 10" squares, plus 2 other fabrics and a plan.

12. Elizabeth
This is a fat quarter quilt that is mostly cut and partially sewn.

13 & 14. Sailboats
In Bee Inspired, I asked for simple and fun sailboat blocks for a charity quilt.  I received enough to make two quilts.  Ahoy, Matey!

15. Dog Quilt made with the Fire Monkey
My son asked if we could make another quilt together to give to a kid and we've been working on a fun quilt with dog fabric.

16. Disappearing 9-patch
I'm doing the Quilt Along with Julie of The Crafty Quilter.

17. Two by Two
This is my current leaders and enders project.

So there's my list!  I know I won't get all of these done, and I'm okay with that. 


  1. Good luck with your 3rd quarter list. Hard to believe that we will be at October by the time this quarter ends.

  2. That's quite a list, and really fun to read through. We had pillows come with our couch too, and they were so big that no one liked them. They kept ending up on the floor, pushed aside. We finally sent them along with our daughter when she moved to Florida, and then she sent them along somewhere else. Haha. Those penguin blocks are cute!

  3. Love your list! I agree, best to put as much as possible so you can pick the most fun thing to work on 'now'. Enjoy! Good luck with Q3 finishes!!!

    1. So glad there are other long listers out there! It's fun to decide what's calling to me in the moment! You are showing up as a no-reply blogger so I'm replying here.

  4. Your list is quite extensive! Good luck with this quarter!