Saturday, January 4, 2020

Octavian (Awesome Ocean)

Happy New Year!  I know it's actually day four, but I've been so busy sewing that I didn't sit down to write!  Plus I did so many posts in the last few days of 2019 that I needed a few days off from typing.

So far, I have only picked one Quilt Along to join for 2020 and it's Awesome Ocean using Elizabeth Hartman's pattern and hosted by Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing.  She actually started the QAL in December but I didn't get to start until after Christmas so it's pretty much a 2020 project for me. 

The first block is kelp and I admit, I don't like the block.  So I skipped it!  Not sure if I'll go back to it, or substitute something else, or use Wendy's brilliant suggestion of appliqueing kelp instead, or just skip it all together.  So for me, the first block was Octavian the Octopus.

Did you know there isn't a collective noun for octopus?  They are solitary animals, so there isn't really a need.  Except when you are making quilt blocks, obviously!

I'm using two Kona 10" stacks that I had in my stash and haven't used.  One is Pool Party and the other is Lavender Fields.  The background is Kona Tan, which I did buy specifically for this project.

If you are familiar with the Awesome Ocean pattern, you may have figured out that four of each block doesn'  The small size calls for two of each and the large calls for eight.  Truth is, I'm not exactly sure how this is going to end up.  It will likely be two quilts, but I'm not sure I'm going to use Hartman's layout.  Perhaps I will do one with the blues and one with the purples, and perhaps I'll mix them up.  No idea yet!  For now, I'm just sewing along and having fun!

If you want to join the Quilt Along, there is still plenty of time to catch up.  You can find Kathleen's announcement of the QAL here and she has a tab at the top with all the links to the individual block posts.


  1. Cute octopus! Lovely shades of colors

  2. That is a very cute quartet! I need to get my second blowfish done and then get to the next block!

  3. Your octopuses or octopi (both are all right for the plural) are adorable!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your final quilt(s)!!

  4. In my opinion it is legit to say "new year" all of January!!!
    Very cute critters. Keep them coming :-)

  5. These are wonderful! I have been wanting to join this quilt along since I love all of the sea creatures. however, I still have not purchased the pattern. Plus I'm not sure I want to fit in another project. Maybe I will. Your colors look so awesome for the Awesome Ocean!

    1. There is still time if you want to join! But I understand not wanting another project--so much to choose from!

  6. Very cute blocks in fun colors! Looking forward to what you decide on the setting, it's fun to go off script (except when it's frustrating).

  7. Thanks so much for linking up! I love these guys so much and it is so fun to see them all coming to life.