Friday, March 13, 2020

Mr. Mystery (Awesome Ocean)

If you are familiar with the Awesome Ocean pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, you know that the block is not Mr. Mystery, it's Mr. Manatee.  Except as many people participating in the QAL hosted by  Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing have pointed out, the block does not look like a Manatee.  Personally, I thought it looked like an otter until my husband pointed out that it has a fin-like tail instead of legs.  So I think my best guess is seal. 

I picked and cut my mail body fabric before deciding they weren't actually manatees, so I used fairly light fabrics since that felt appropriate for manatees.  I guess it will have to work for seals, too.

There is now only one block left!  I'm starting to play around with layouts!


  1. Love these guys! I think the colors are perfect for a seal! Or an otter or a manatee!

    1. The tail in the block is the rounded flipper nof a manatee. Seals' flippers typically have a left and right section (image one walking on a beach). Judy (a biologist)

  2. What a cute quartet! Can't wait to see your layout and finished quilt top!