Tuesday, June 30, 2020

mid-year PhD report

For the third year in a row, I'm following along with Gail of Quilting Gail for her PhD (Projects Half Done) challenge.  Since the year is now officially half over, I thought it a good time to look at my progress.

The main point of the program is to list your UFOs and commit to finishing 12 from the list in 2020.  I had 14 on my original list in January.  I found another one after making that list and now have 15 on the list.  Of those 15, I have completed 4.

Awesome Ocean
I modified my goal a little from Gail's original to make it work for me.  By my definition, a UFO has to be started in some way (cutting, and probably some piecing) to count as a UFO.  But I have a lot of projects that I have the fabric and a plan for, I just haven't actually started.  I'd like to get those done, too.  So my additional rule was I could count up to 1/3 (or no more than 4 finishes) that weren't actually started, but that I owned all the supplies and planned to make.  I've finished 2 that fit those criteria.

Scrap Everything

So that puts me at 6 finishes.  Not bad to be half done at he halfway point, though I'd like to finish more than 12.  I did highlight 3 projects I'd most like to get done and I'm happy to report that I've finished 2 of the 3, with significant progress made on the 3rd.

Project I most wanted to finish: Ultimate I Spy

The other piece of Gail's PhD program is to finish all the new projects you start.  I admit I've been more susceptible to new projects and QALs this year than recent years.  I think it's part "ooh, shiny!" part excitement at a new project, and part wanting to be a part of things right now more than usual.  But I've also finished all but two that I've started.  One of those will be done in a few days.  The other is my original Rainbow Scrap Challenge project for 2020 that I stopped after 3 months because I wasn't enjoying the blocks.  I'll either make something out of what I have or give away the blocks I made, so hopefully that won't count against me.

Here's my chart so you can see my original list and dates finished.

PhD 2020

I Spy leader/ender
Western kids’ quilt
Awesome Ocean
I Spy for our bed
Food themed picnic blanket

Smitten Kitten

Blue Forest Animals

Laura’s quilt

Bookshelf quilt

Magical Forest


Extra for Miren

Giraffe Pillow

Lion Pillow

Patriotic Stars (2nd)

Completed: Planned Projects with Fabric Already Owned
Scrap Your Plans
Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Here's hoping to a productive 2nd half of the year!


  1. You've done well on your list, Emily. Enjoyed seeing each quilt, and it looks like I Spy is being well used and enjoyed (cute photo)!

  2. Looking good! Especially great you finished the one you most wanted to finish, Emily!!!

  3. You are doing great and I love seeing you on your quilt..so happy. Good luck with the second half. This has been a hard quarter, so we are adjusting and will see what happens on the other side!

  4. You've done really well on the finishes so far this year. I love your sea creatures quilt. Good luck with your PHD plans for the rest of the year.

  5. Great job keeping your focus on projects you want to finish. Now if only the "squirrels" would quit distracting us!! Love the Brown Bear quilt and the I Spy for YOUR bed. Very nice. Keep up the good work!