Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sneak Peak

I don't normally do a lot of sneak peaks, but I don't have much that is close to the finishing stages right now so it's in-progress or nothing.  I'm working on the next few Island Batik challenges and I can't help but show these fun sail boats that are destined for my August project. 

Aren't they cute?  I'm not typically big on improv, and I don't know that these strictly count as improv since I did have a plan going in that each one would look like a sailboat.  But I just randomly cut fabrics and played around until I liked the look.  I love the bright colors; this is the Island Batik collection Colorpop. I can't wait to see these sail their way into a finished quilt!


  1. Improv enough for me - they are really cute! Will be fun to see the finish, Emily.

  2. What fun! Nice way to ease into improv...could be a inspiration to hop aboard sail the Improv boat.

  3. Those are so much fun! Love the bright colors too. I don't do improv, but your effort is working out well.