Friday, April 16, 2021

QuiltCon Class: Trapunto

I'm overdue on sharing so many things!  I did not mean to take a 2 1/2 week leave of absence from the blog!  I'll work on churning out some catch-up posts.  First on the list is my overdue report/review/recap of one of my QuiltCon classes, Trapunto with Tia Curtis.  Of my three instructors, Tia was the only one I was not familiar with before signing up for her class.  Trapunto is something I've heard of and seen but never tried.  To me, learning something completely new is the whole point of something like QuiltCon, so the trapunto class was at the top of my list.


I liked all three of my classes but this was probably my favorite.  First of all, Tia is a lot of fun.  She's funny!  This was a mini class, so slightly less recorded content (it was still 55 minutes of instruction) and only one live Q&A if you bought the enhanced class (which I did).  Tia taught 3 different trapunto and stuffing techniques plus one "cheater" method that is created only with quilting. 


Tia offered a kit for purchase directly from her, which was totally optional.  It was reasonably priced and included the materials she likes for these techniques, so I bought the kit.  Notice that the colors match the Pantone colors of the year: so 2021!

trying to show the height of the trapunto sections

When it came time to quilt the piece, because trapunto relies on pretty dense quilting to stick out, I was pretty nervous becuase I do not do free motion quilting.  I asked in the class chat and at the live session and Tia gave me some ideas for what I could do with a walking foot.  I tried it on my sample and got a lot of puckers.  Since this is just a sample piece, I decided I could switch quilting styles half way through to see the different looks.  So I free motioned the second half and actually liked it much better!  No puckers! I don't know if that means it's time for me to, yet again, give FMQ a try.  (I've tried and given up many, many times previously.)

after first step of quilting, going round and round and round and round

I'm excited to try some trapunto in a future project.  I don't have any specific projects in mind yet but I have a few ideas floating around in my head.

I mentioned that I've been absent from posting for 2 1/2 weeks; it seems my last post was the finished quilt for the Stay At Home Round Robin, or SAHRR.  Our hostess, Gail from Quilting Gail, has posted a parade of all the SAHRR finishes, go check it out!  I love seeing so many different interpretations of each round!


  1. I think you did a great job with this - stretching and learning new things. I think the FMQ looks great and you are on your way. Baby quilts and charity quilts are the best to learn more.....especially if you wash it before you present it! Glad all is well and it just happened. I haven't been blogging much either, nor really productive, but have a queue that is about to explode!

  2. Looks like it was a successful class, Emily!!! And, you are clearly on your way to FMQ with a flare! :-)

  3. I enjoyed reading about your class, Emily! Sounds like the class was well worth it!