Monday, June 7, 2021

QuiltCon Class: Everyday Applique

Back in February, I took three (virtual) classes at QuiltCon together.  The only class I have yet to report on is Everyday Applique with Sarah Fielke.  Needleturn Applique has been on my quilty bucket list and I've heard great things about Sarah as a teacher so I was excited to sign up for this class.  And it did not disappoint!  Sarah is a fabulous teacher.  I really enjoyed her pre-filmed footage, she was very thorough and anticipated lots of questions.  The live sessions with her were great as well.  She just has this very gentle, reassuring nature about her. 

Sarah's design for the class had many different elements.  She designed it to be able to be the focus of a large tote bag, and she included the pattern for the tote.  Since I have only recently learned that I can, in fact, make bags, I decided I would use my class sample for a bag.  But rather than use Sarah's tote pattern, I wanted to make a large size Take a Stand, a By Annie pattern.  I made the smaller size Take a Stand over winter break and wanted to make the larger size.  So I separated out the elements into two different scenes.  I still used most of the elements from Sarah's designs so I could practice all the techniques from her class.  Though admittedly, I took out the smallest, fiddliest parts. 

Sarah's design for the class (screenshot from the filmed part of class)

It took me a while to finish all the hand stitching.  I don't think I am going to start doing huge hand appliqued projects, but I did enjoy it more than I thought I would, so the occasional small project or element may well creep into my future projects.  I at least don't feel I need to avoid it.

My plan is to turn these two pieces from the class into a Take a Stand tote, and I have set this as my One Monthly Goal with Patty of Elm Street Quilts.  I love these pieces and I'm so excited to turn them into something I can use!  All fabrics are Island Batik.  My husband is quite concerned about the lack of eye on the bird, so I do plan to use a bead.  The one technique from Sarah's class that I skipped was how to applique a teeny tiny eye.  Nope!  Fabric marker or bead for me, please!


  1. Oh that is going to make one cute bag. Nice job Emily!

  2. Lovely work, Emily! Your work is going to look fabulous on that bag. Good luck with your OMG!

  3. Beautiful work, Emily! It's going to be a wonderful bag!

  4. Sweet applique blocks!!! Sounds like Sarah is a great teacher. I'm looking forward to your next Take a Stand!

  5. Your work looks really nice! Will be fun to see the finished bag!

  6. Love the applique and the colors and the fact that they are batiks - my favorite!