Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Catch All Caddy

I currently have Craftsy access so I want to make the By Annie projects that are full classes there while I still can view them; as I haven't decided if I'm going to renew.  I had been wanting to make one of her caddy-style patterns so I was really glad that Catch All Caddy is one of the Craftsy videos.  Here's mine:

The focus print is from Far Far Away by Heather Ross that I've been saving for something special.  I love the color so much, and the flowers, and the unicorns plus it has an especially nice hand/feel to it. Both other fabrics are leftovers of wide backs.  


I want the caddy for my car, to keep all the stuff I occasionally want to access in one place.  I am typically alone in my car or have Fire Monkey in the backseat, so I can keep the caddy on the passenger seat, and when I do have someone sitting there, it's easy to move to the back.  I have it stocked with wipes, lotion, mints, chapstick, dental floss, anything I try to keep in the car in case I need it.  If I make another for the car, I'll just make the beveled dividers for one side; the wipes are really the only thing that I think need to sleeve.  The tissue box doesn't fit in the divider but does fit in the caddy.

I realized when adding items to the pockets that I somehow missed the step of sewing the top down of the zippered pocket, so I need to fix that.  Ooops!



zipper pocket fail

 I'm pretty pleased with it and will definitely make more, they are so handy!


  1. You are really having fun with all the bags! I love it! Fussy cutting the unicorn was a clever idea!

  2. Great job, Em!!! I love that caddy! Your fussy cutting is super cute, too!!!

  3. I love this, especially that unicorn fabric. You are really getting into bags. I just finished one I really like. It is fun when you get one to work just the way you want it. My car was my office and this would have been perfect...well it still might be perfect!