Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Flipping Out

This year, I have been particularly into making bags and other pouches from By Annie patterns. After years of thinking that I couldn't make bags it has been so liberating to know that I really can!  Annie has done weekly live videos this year, too, and while I can rarely watch them live, I've been watching them later on youtube most weeks.  For week 35 (September), I was the lucky giveaway winner!  I won the pattern for Flipping Out, plus Soft & Stable, zipper, mesh, and elastic --everything I need to make both sizes, minus fabric and thread!

It took me a bit to be able to make them, but I finally did and it's a fun pattern!  Easier than the larger bags I've been making.  I used leftovers of the Island Batik Petals Provence collection for a small and large that I plan to keep.  


You fold it down to get to your tools.  Love the yellow inside!

I'm thinking I will put some larger quilting tools in the big one and take it on a sewing vacation I'm taking with a friend in January.  I have some nice marker sets that might live in the small one.  I love that the top flips down so you can get to your tools and you can just set it on your work space, then zip it up when you are done!


I made a second small Flipping Out to function as a sewing kit for my niece for Christmas. I'm giving her a sewing machine this Christmas!  So this sewing kit will coordinate with the larger gift.  I used sewing-themed fabric that was in a grab bag of novelty fabrics a friend gave me last summer. I was impressed with what I could fit in there. 

sewing themed fabric for a sewing kit

filled with the basics

I loved making these and thank Annie for the great prize! 


  1. Lucky you, Emily. Gorgeous bags. And a very lucky niece, indeed. I need to make a travel tote bag with a zipper - one of these days.

  2. Indeed lucky you! These are so cute and useful and you are doing a fantastic job!! I have something similar from a different designer and I love it.

  3. How cool that you won everything you needed to make the bag! They turned out so cute. Your niece is going to love her gift!

  4. WOW! I love when lady luck visits and you got such a cool thing to make! It is so much fun.