Sunday, May 26, 2024

Scrappy Joy Blooms

It's the end of the school year, so I am finishing up this year's teacher quilts.  Music teacher Ms. B said "all the colors" when asked her favorite color.  I was browsing older issues of Make Modern magazine looking for inspiration when I saw Joy Blooms by Katy Devlin in issue #22.  It was a neat looking block.  I saw reading through the instructions that it was paper pieced, which I hate, but in looking at the diagram I realized that I could cut it with my accuquilt cube and use traditional piecing.  Score!

I used my 6" cube and each block is 15" finished.  I wanted mine to have a really scrappy, colorful look.  I selected 3 fabrics for each block using my Island Batik scraps, aiming for fun fabric combinations and an over-all broad use of a lot of different colors.  I eliminated the sashing between the blocks from the original pattern though I did add a skinny border on the outside to give a little visual distance from the blocks.

With scrappy quilts I love to use a scrappy binding.  I keep all my binding remnants and I separate out those from Island Batik fabrics.  I got out my bag of leftovers to see what I had and pieced them together to get to the length I needed.  There are 14 different binding leftovers in this quilt!  I love cleaning out my leftovers!

scrappy binding ready to go

I like the orignal pattern name of Joy Blooms so I am just adding the word "scrappy" to it to indicated that these are scrappy blooms of joy. I'm pleased with this as a colorful and scrappy quilt.  I hope it succeeds in having all the colors! 


  1. That's a pretty coloful and scrappy quilt. Interesting block, can't remember I've seen it earlier.

  2. You definitely hit your goal. Such a fun and happy scrappy quilt.

  3. Oh Emily - this is so pretty! Mrs. B will love this!