Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finished! Project Bags: Round 2

Earlier this year, I took a class for these project bags.  I liked them so much, I got a bit carried away and made what was essentially a triple batch.  The pattern makes 4 different sizes, S, M, L, & XL.  For this second round, I made 2 XL and 3 of each of the other sizes.

Not the greatest picture, but they are all there!

One of the small ones was made for a friend's upcoming birthday.  She may actually get more; she recently saw one of the large bags I had a project in and she loved it, so I suspect I'll give her a few.

I really like these, and one of the reasons I made so many is that I have been reorganizing and I'm really trying to 1) stay organized and 2) actually finish things.  Getting distracted by things like ridiculous numbers of project bags doesn't help, but I do like using them.  I also used only fabric I already had, and it was particularly fun to pick out fabrics and use some of the ones I had been saving.  One of the medium bags is a fat quarter of Alaska's state flower that I bought on my honeymoon.

Project bags filled with projects!
This is a Quarter 2 finish for the Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side.
Click here for the original project list.

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