Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quarter 2 Goals

In January, I discovered the Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne.  One thing that I really love about the finish along is that I realize I'm not the only quilter with a zillion unfinished projects! I definitely have more inspiration than I do time!

 In Quarter 1 of the finish-along, I completed 6 projects. I am very pleased with that. My list for this quarter is super long. I'm thinking of it more as a list for the rest of the year (and probably beyond!) and I'll just keep rolling projects over. An asterisk (*) indicates that the project was on the list for Q1. 

Many of the projects I added for this quarter were actually started before last quarter, I just knew I wouldn't get to them in the short-term. I am also trying to do at least 2 Project Linus quilts per quarter, using up fabric I already have and utilizing fairly simple patterns. 

Project Name/Description Project Type Project Status at start of quarter Completion Date
Project bags, round 2 bags 2 left to finish

Blaise's baby quilt Child size Top completed

Katie's baby quilt Child size Fabric & pattern chosen

Verona's I Spy Twin bed size Some cutting done

Emily's I Spy Lap size Some cutting done

Pepper Tote Bag In process

Paper Piecing project Bucket list/mini quilt 1 block completed

Winnie the Pooh quilt (project Linus) Child size Fabrics chosen

Magician/Star quilt (project Linus) Child size Fabrics and pattern chosen

Food picnic quilt Huge 40 or 50 blocks completed

Laura's quilt Double/queen Piecing the top stage

Savannah Lap size? Bigger? Piecing the top stage

*“Sarah” (to be renamed) Wall hanging Layered

*Geoff & Laura's wedding quilt Bed sized Layered

*Alaska cutout quilt Wall hanging Layered, quilting begun (hand quilting)

*White/pastel dogwood quilt Lap size Top completed

*Rainbow I Spy Child size Top completed

*Last big 9-patch Child size Top completed

*Debbie quilt Bed size Top completed, repair needed before continuing

*Elephant ticker tape quilt Bucket list/wall hanging Embroidery outline completed

*Dinosaur quilt (project Linus) Child size Fabrics chosen

2 ½ inch strip I Spy quit Child size Fabrics chosen; most cutting done

Puffin Kit (wall hanging) Kit

I don't have pictures of everything, mostly because I'm recovering from a stomach bug and just don't have the energy to pull everything out.  But here are a few photos, to document that these projects really do exist:

Baby quilt for coworker, top completed.

Round 2 of the project bags.  Just 2 left to finish!

Project Linus Quilts: magicians/stars, Winnie-the-Pooh, and dinosaurs.

Pepper Tote.  I usually don't do "three dimensional" projects.  The Project Bags made me brave.  Starting this may have been a mistake. 

Food picnic blanket.  This is one that I don't expect to finish this quarter, but I would like to work on.

I spy quilts for me (in project bag), a coworker's baby (pile with moose on top), and Verona (not pictured).

Paper pieced project.  Sigh.  Not at all sure about this one.

Elephant ticker tape quilt.  This one may be the only non-finish from Q1 that I really did make progress on.  The outline for my elephant is stitched, and I've pulled all my purple scraps (in that project bag!), so now I just need to, you know, actually fill in the elephant.

Again, I have no illusions that I will get all of this done in 2015, let alone in Q2.  But setting goals is helping, and I really am trying 1) not to start new projects and 2) when I do, to at least use up what I have and not buy new fabric.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Wow Emily, you're super organized! My sister is a Librarian and she categories things similar to you. =) I love your food picnic blanket! What a fun quilt that will be to take on outings! I wish you luck with all of your projects!

  2. I agree you are super organized but my goodness have you got a lot of WIPs! I would probably have a whole spreadsheet matrix if I had this many going at once. I try to limit my in progress but they do tend to stack up at the "time to quilt" part.

    That Pooh bear fabric is just darling BTW, I loved reading those books and the poetry books he wrote too. Piglet was always my favorite cause he was Pooh bears best friend until that pesky Tigger came along, but don't even get me started on that! :P