Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quilty Bucket List

Pre-Munchkin, I watched Fons & Porter For the Love of Quilting on PBS occasionally.  At one point, Mary Fons mentioned having a quilting bucket list.  I hadn't thought of it that way before, but I had one too.  Problem is, it was only in my head.  So I thought about patterns or techniques I wanted to try, I wrote down a list, and I posted it in my sewing space where I could see it all the time.This is my original list, written some time in 2014.
And here is my list today, at the end of 2015:
I've added a few things, but more importantly, several things have been checked off!

Two projects were completed before I put them on the list, but I included them because they were "bucket" patterns when I chose them.  Those are the Wedding Ring quilt, a wedding gift to my brother and his wife, and the Trip Around the World, which hangs on my living room wall.

The projects/techniques I completed in 2015:
Mystery Quilt

I Spy--I've done several of these!  My first and favorite, though, was actually finished in 2014.  It has 192 I Spy fabrics and is now on the the twin bed in Munchkin's room, though he is still in a crib.    We have fun naming the stuff when we sit on the bed.

Project Linus--I went one better on this one, and attended the meeting of the Charlotte chapter in 2015.  I forgot to keep track of how many quilts I donated, but I should get that number from our coordinator soon for tax records, and I will remember to keep track this year.

String Quilt

Paper Piecing--I ended up liking this technique more than I thought I would.  I ended up with 2 projects--here and here.

Ticker Tape Quilt--this technique I did not enjoy, and I will likely not do it again.  But I love how the elephant turned out!

I'm slowly working through the rest.  To me, a bucket list is a long term kind of thing, and not the same as my to-do list or list of current projects.  Rather, it's techniques or classic patterns that I want to try or make.

I found this link-up about a year and a half too late, but I really like the graphic, so I will end with it.

The Tilted Quilt

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