Thursday, January 7, 2016


To fill the void left by ALYOF, Heidi from Red Letter Quilts started OMG, or, One Monthly Goal.  Heidi & I did the same mystery quilt last year, and I absolutely loved her version.  I'm glad to have a monthly goal-setting party again.

I pieced this circus-themed Project Linus quilt over the holiday break, and it has been layered with orange fleece.  (I use fleece instead of batting/backing in almost all my Project Linus quilt.  It's easier to layer; it's cheaper; it's a good weight, especially in the south; and I love the softness/cuddle factor.)  My goal for January is to finish it--quilt it and bind it.

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  1. Thank you EmilY, I loved your Scrap Dance so much too! I have a couple Project Linus quilts in mind to tackle this year too, I like the ISpyability of yours!