Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Goal

On Munchkin's 2nd birthday, Husband wished we had a growth chart.  I thought that perhaps he should have thought of that a little sooner, but I only thought that for a moment--we had measurements from his first birth and first birthday, so there is no reason we can't add in older measurements.  :)

I'm combining a Moda Bake Shop pattern with a few pictures I've found online into my own pattern.  I've got the fun part pieced, a really long stripe of I Spy fabrics.  80" long!
Finishing the growth chart is my February goal for OMG: One Monthly Goal.  Many thanks to Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for hosting this great motivational challenge!


  1. Here is the link for the library with the long arm. I've been told that a local university might be in discussion for one as well, which I'd love even more, since I'm paying a zillion dollars in tuition and have used zero campus resources throughout undergrad and grad school.