Friday, February 26, 2016

Finished! Growth Chart for Munchkin

I finished the growth chart for Elliot!  My husband decided on Munchkin's 2nd birthday that he wished we had a growth chart.  My first thought was a wall cling one, but he wasn't crazy about that. I looked at some panels that are meant to be growth charts, but we didn't like any that we found.  After browsing some images online, I was ready to commit to making one.
I created mine by combining 3 different inspirations.  This Moda Bake Shop tutorial by Vanessa from the Craft Gemini, this picture of charts made for twin boys, which were based on this picture that I guess originally had a tutorial but the link is now broken.

The main thing I took from the Moda Bake Shop tutorial is using jelly roll strips.  I recently hosted an I Spy swap of 2 1/2 inch strips.  This was the perfect project to use some of my favorites!  I sewed mine in groups of 4, as the tutorial suggested.  I used 4 different sets for a total of 16 different I Spy fabrics.  Each combination is repeated at least twice with two combinations repeated a third time.  It's 80 inches long, and if I ever make another one I will use one less set of strips in the construction, as I honestly think it is too long.  (The bottom is 6 inches from the ground and the numbers are set accordingly, so that is a factor, too.)

 The background is Kona Cloud.  The binding and letters & numbers are Kona Clover.  The backing is Ahoy Primatey--we find the phrase hilarious.  I ordered 3 different 1-yard cuts from Etsy a year or more ago and didn't know exactly what to use it for.  I'm glad to have found a use for one of the yards.  It's a really fun print.
The numbers are some I already had to trace from making beanbags.  The letters are from my new Accuquilt machine and the alphabet die.  I cut the thinner background stripe 3 1/4" wide, the wider background strip 6 1/2" wide, and the strip sets 5 1/2" wide. The finished product is 14" wide.  I quilted in between each jelly roll strip, so the lines are every 2 inches. I am embroidering the measurements.
This was my February goal for OMG hosted by Heidi at Red Letter Quilts--I was goal-setter 91.  This was also on my list of Q1 goals for the Finish Along; you can find my goal-setting post for the FAL here.
2016 FAL


  1. I've never seen a fabric growth chart like this. What a great idea! I think I need to make one for my niece Meeka. <3

  2. I also adore this idea and have looked forward to seeing your finish since reading about the goal! Cutest growth chart EVER!

  3. Oh growth charts! My three daughters are grown, and I would never have guessed at their birth which would be tallest... and how poignant to look back and see when they did their growing, and some tough times when they held steady... What a fun idea to sew an I spy chart. Your little munchkin is adorable. Nice sewing.

  4. Very sweet! Yay for making one, right? Thank you for participating in the FAL on behalf of the FAL hosting team!