Monday, March 28, 2016

March: Disappearing 4 Patch for Bonnie

Bonnie is Queen Bee for my hive of the Stash Bee.  She asked for disappearing 4-patches in blues and browns and white.  I had not done a disappearing block before, but have been considering a disappearing 9 patch for my long term to-do list. I enjoyed the 4-patch and really like how my two turned out. 

I also decided to hive crash another hive.  Jane asked for cowboys or cows.  She said any colors were fine, so I just had to make her a purple cow.

And I made another attempt at hive crashing, but got it wrong.  Christina asked for brightly colored 1/4 wonky log cabin blocks.  She had a list of things to avoid in the block, and I swear I read that list a dozen times so I would miss anything.  I got about 2/3 through the block and realized I had used a fabric with metallics on my third piece.  With metallics on the no-no list, I wrote her and asked if she still wanted the block.  She did, and she told me to send it as-is and she would take out my mistake and make it big enough.  So I mailed it off with a few bright pieces to finish it with.  Here it is when I stopped after realizing my mistake:

I'm really loving the Stash Bee and the variety of blocks that people ask for!


  1. Nice blocks. I especially like the purple cow! : )

  2. Nice blocks. I especially like the purple cow! : )

  3. I just received my purple cow. <3 I love it!! I have a retreat in 2 weeks and will be making my cowboy and cow quilt top!!! Thank you sew sew much! hugs to you Emily,, and btw, your fabric and piecing are the best.