Friday, March 18, 2016

Quilty Adoption

Cynthia over at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework has a fantastic idea.  She's hosting a "Quilty Orphan Adoption" where people can offer up no longer needed patterns, supplies, or abandoned projects so other quilters can use them.  I've given a few things away to my local friends in the past year or so, but it's always good to look at what I'm hanging on to.

If you are interested in any of the following items, just leave a comment telling me which item or items you are interested in.  I will take comments through 7pm Eastern time on Monday, March 21st and will select recipients the evening of March 21st.  These are for give-away, I will pay shipping, and I do not have restrictions on your intentions.  Patterns are available for international recipients, fabric items are US only due to shipping costs.

This is a flannel panel to make a stuffed toy bear.  All the directions are on the panel.  Panel includes front of bear, back of bear, bow tie for bear, and a block.  Bear as he is printed on the fabric is about 20" high, so figure he'll be slightly smaller when made.

This is a completed quilt top, but it will need an edit.  I made it when I first started quilting as a wedding present for a high school friend.  Sadly, as sometimes happens with high school friends, we fell out of touch before I could finish it and give it to her.  That was 1998/1999.  The corner block is personalized and would need to be replaced.  (I can give measurements for replacement block.)  This was a very early quilt for me; blocks may not be perfect.  It is scrappy.  Not all fabrics are quilt shop quality and there are a few fabrics that are flannel mixed in with the regular cottons.  It is shown on a Queen sized bed.

How Charming pattern from Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day company.  Pattern includes 2 sizes: table topper of 40" x 40" and lap quilt of 54" x 70".

Reflections pattern from Gingham Girls designs.  Pattern is for quilt 51" x 69".  Image shown is of a two-colored quilt.

Blue Ridge 1600 pattern from Cotton Dreams.  This basically takes the Jelly Roll Race or 1600 pattern and makes it a little bigger.  Size is 56" x 64" without borders; 80" x 88" with borders.

Edited to include winners:
flannel bear: Emily C
quilt top: AlidaP
How Charming & Reflections patterns: Susan


  1. Thanks for participating Emily. I am sure these items will find good homes - especially that quilt top. It looks like a fast finish!

  2. Wow, that quilt top looks great! I could probably use it to make two donation quilts! I make quilts for the DC General Homeless Shelter ( I donated 3 quilts last December, and now I have 4 tops ready to be quilted! This would jump the count up pretty quickly! Thanks for offering it!!

  3. I'd be happy to take the quilt top and quilt it and donate it to my quilting group. We are undertaking a new plan to turn an underused room into a sewing studio for us so the proceeds from the sale of this quilt would go towards custom sewing desks, tables, and cupboards for the room. Thanks. I live in the U.S. Karen

  4. I would love the cute bear panel.

  5. Hi, Emily, I'd love to have either the Eleanor Burns or the Reflections pattern. Both are my kind of thing, and both could be done with scraps, of which I have a ton. =) Thanks for offering the adoption! dezertsuz at gmail,

  6. Great of you to give this items away! I am sure you wil find sewers to finsih it.