Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quilty Friends

I've been active with the Charlotte chapter of Project Linus since the beginning of last year.  I had been interested for a while, but the job change made it possible for me to actually attend the monthly meetings.  I really enjoy it, and it's been nice to know that once a month I will get to talk to other quilters face-to-face.

I've become particular friends with a member named Mary.  We both bring our machines to the meetings and try to set up next to each other, and we have fun sharing photos of non-Linus projects.  She has started doing some I Spy quilts, she says becuase she was inspired by me.  Last night, she brought me a bag of her I Spy scraps!

Here it is, and it's even tied with an I Spy scrap!
Her favorite pattern is disappearing 9-ptch with 5-inch squares.  So I basically got all her scraps that were smaller than 5 inches square.  Seriously, that is the best kind of present for me.  Last night I went through the bag twice looking at all my treasures!

Here are just some of the I Spy goodness she gave me!
I cut my I Spy scraps into specific sizes to use in future projects, and I can't wait to cut these up and add to my piles! I'll be that much closer to being able to start another I Spy quilt, and those seem to be my absolute favorite.

Her generosity is not the first I've experienced by a fellow quilter, nor do I think it will be the last.  I am frequently struck by how generous quilters are--with their time, with their idea, with their talent, with their inspiration, with their support, with their guidance, and with their materials.  And the list could go on.  I certainly strive to embody that generosity as well, and I feel very lucky to be a part of the community of quilters, both online and in face-to-face relationships.  I am thankful for my Quilty Friends!


  1. How very sweet of Mary to gift her scraps to you. It looks like you scored some pretty awesome little cuts. I have to agree, the quilting community is a very generous loving group to be apart of. So many wonderful people.

  2. Agreed! Quilters are generous with their time, mentoring (like the gals that are taking their time to help us new quilt bloggers), fabric, notion, tips and tricks. I think it inspires quilters to continue the love.

    There are lots of wonderful things in that bundle of scraps.

  3. That was so nice of her! I plan to do an i-spy quilt sometime for my son. I think it'd be great to take on picnics, fireworks, etc.

  4. It is so lovely to share, and that is what so many quilters do with patterns, tutorials, tips and tricks. I have a friend who gives me her scraps and more too.

  5. That was nice! Oooh, I bet you had such fun looking at all the novelty fabrics. I have collected some too with the intent of doing an I Spy some day.

  6.'s Val. I'm responding here to your inquiry about the eye spy swap as you are showing up as a no reply blogger. Thus I don't have your email. I'll totally save ya a I-Spy swap spot...but you'll need to email me directly at: I'll confirm your spot through email. WIth smiles. V:)

  7. Hi from a fellow New Quilt Blogger! What a wonderful present - my type of present too!! I am a new PL co-ordinator in the UK so have to yet to organise monthly meetings - great to hear you like them.

  8. You are right, quilty folks are very generous. They share their time, interest, fabric, patterns, information, etc. What a wonderful community to be a part of!

  9. Quilty friends are the best! I'll look forward to seeing you use these new treasures.