Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finished! Car Trash Bags

My friend Snow & I share a longing to have a VW bus.  Neither of us has one, and both of us have husbands who think that a VW bus is a bad idea, safety hazard, etc. So it's likely neither of us will ever actually own or drive a VW bus.  But we can dream!

Snow recently scored a layer cake of VW bus fabric, and she generously gave me a square of each print.  The car trash bag I made myself several years ago from a pattern in the book One Yard Wonders is literally falling apart at the seams and I have been meaning to make a replacement.  So why not bring a little VW bus into my Honda Fit?

I had enough fabric to make one for Snow, too.  Mine is on the left and hers in on the right. The photo above is one side, and the reverse is below.

I am not a big fan of text in my fabric, but Snow is, so she got the word-heavy prints.  The solid is Kona Espresso.

I've made adjustments to the original pattern, including lining my bags with PUL.  I also don't use the clip in the original pattern, because I tie mine between the two seats, rather than hang it behind one seat.

Honestly, these ties came out a little short.  Husband suggest that I add some velcro to the ends instead of tying, and he's probably right.  I don't think I have any right now, so I haven't done that, but if after having it in my car for a while I think there is not enough slack, I will do that.

A car trash bag replacement was on my Q3 list of goals for the globally hosted finish-along.  The second bag for Snow is a bonus :)

2016 FAL


  1. Yeah! to finishing things of the 3Q FAL list! Well done you! The bags really turned out graphic and cool =) I love how education sometimes comes back to bite us. There is this age bracket from 3 - 12 or so, where kids just hand you back the trash they produce. From used tissue to candy bar wrapper, they just give it back to mum or another grown-up because that is what they have learned. NOW try to get them to use their own feet and hands to put the trash in next trash can OR hold onto it until the next one comes up. I think your car trash bags are a stroke of genius =)

  2. So cute, love the fabrics you used! I make the ones that slip over the gear shift handle but they get in the way of the passengers legs. This looks like a better idea!

  3. Love my bag so much!!! You're the best!

  4. Ooh, great idea!! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.