Wednesday, November 2, 2016

OMG November

I made my son a penguin pillow for his birthday.  It was a lot of fun to do and I really like it.  I have decided to get rid of the oversize cushions on our couch and make a menagerie of animal throw pillows instead.  First up: Panda!

My son is currently crazy for pandas.  I'm using the Fat Quarter Shop's free panda-monium quilt pattern.  Here is the head:
Oh no!  Panda doesn't have a body!  Don't worry, he will!  My one monthly goal is to complete this panda as a 20" pillow. 

One Monthly Goal has moved!  Elm Street Quilts is the new host, and I'm linking up for the fabulous One Monthly Goal (OMG) goal-setting motivation and awesomeness!
Elm Street Quilts


  1. A fun goal for this month Emily! Have fun!!

  2. Love, love that pillow. My daughter just might too, may need to make one. Thanks for linking up with One Monthly Goal - looking forward to seeing your finish!

  3. Your throw pillows will be adorable! Do you have any idea what other little critters will join the panda?

    1. I'm excited about having an eclectic zoo! Monkey is next. After that, I have some ideas but what my son asks for will play some role, plus what I can find a good pattern for. There's a koala in the same set as the monkey that I think is likely. I also want to do a kangaroo and found a great pattern, but it's in a digital magazine and the printable templates aren't loaded on the magazine's website yet (it's paper pieced). And last time I asked what he wanted, he said dog, which surprised me but will be easy to find! So stay tuned!

  4. Very fun! Good luck with your goal.

  5. Oh my that's cute - and so is your (his!) penguin pillow :) Munchkin is a lucky kiddo :) I'm stealing Tish's question - what others critters might join the panda and penguin?!