Monday, October 31, 2016


Munchkin seems to be particularly found of superheros these days.  I had a book called Playful Hoodies out from the library.  It's instructions for turning hooded sweatshirts into all kinds of different costumes--good for Halloween, plays, or just dress up.  One was a superhero.  Which made me think that I, who cannot sew clothes to save my life, might actually be able to make Munchkin's Halloween costume.

I started with a blue fleece sweatshirt/pullover that I got at a kids' consignment sale. Though the inspiration came from a book on hoodies, I used a "regular" sweatshirt for two reasons--it was what I found at the sale, and the hood is not relevant for superman. 

Next I made the S.  This is made of felt.  Now is probably a good time to note that the superhero sweatshirt in the book is a generic superhero.  The color scheme is not that of any superhero I am aware of.  The emblem is meant to be the first letter of the child's name and there are templates for all 26 letters.  I chose to use Superman's colors, so any violation of copyright is mine and does not stem from the book.  If you compare this S to the real Superman S, you will see mine isn't actually quite right, because I was following the generic template.  But I was going for recognizable, not authentic.

I decided to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, partly because I had a polka dot dress and party because I really just needed to make ears to complete a costume, so it took up very little time.  I did end up deciding (the night before Halloween) that my shoes needed bows, so a few minutes with a youtube bow tutorial plus some hair clips meant I was in business.  I'd say I spent less than an hour making my Minnie costume.
And here is my favorite picture from Halloween, after trick-or-treating, when he decided to wear my ears.
I am super pleased with how the Superman costume came out and he loves it.  The only thing I had to buy was the sweatshirt and I got that at a consignment sale, so it was much less expensive than buying a costume.  It's just a sweatshirt, so he can wear it whenever he wants.  We were at the park today and he had it on and it was neat to see his cape fluttering behind him when he was on the swings.

Making Munchin's Halloween costume was on my list of Q4 goals for the globally hosted Finish Along (#8 on my list).

2016 FAL


  1. I think homemade costumes are the best. Years from now he will remember that time you made him the superman costume. Plus he can wear it on other days not just Halloween.

  2. I made my granddaughter a dress with a button on/off cape with a "c" on it for her name. She LOVED it. Thank you for sharing and for participating in the 2016 FAL. Hope to see you at the 2017 FAL. Commenting on behalf of the 2016 Global FAL Host Team.