Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mr. Bunny

There is a house in our neighborhood that has a little goose statue on the front porch.  The goose gets dressed up for various holidays--bunny ears at Easter, patriotic clothes for the 4th of July, a witch's hat for Halloween.  I like this neighborhood festivity and I wanted to do something similar.  So I am slowly making small seasonal quilts to hang on our front door.

I saw this quilt by Laurel @ Quilts by Laurel and I really wanted to make my own version to hang on our front door at Easter time.  She enlarged Elizabeth Hartman's Bunny block by 400%.  I enlarged mine 200%.

It came together fairly quickly and I love seeing it on my door!  The fabrics are Kona Biscuit, Chocolate, Medium Pink, and Meringue.  The back is a fabric I bought on a whim during my birthday fabric shopping trip with my friend Snow.  I picked it for the back because I think it looks like spring raindrops--perfect for a spring celebration!  But I can't find the selvage to know what it is.
backing fabric
Here is Mr. Bunny on my front door:

Mr. Bunny was #12 on my list of Q1 goals for the globally hosted Finish Along.


  1. We don't usually dress our houses here in the UK apart from Christmas, and if there are children possibly Halloween too. Your lovely little bunny quilt looks great on your front door, I bet your son loves it. Congrats on another finish.

  2. I too have recently started making door quilts and use magnets to keep them on the door. I put little pockets on the back to hold the magnet. I love your bunny-I have to check out the pattern.