Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Look!

I've been gone from Blogland for most of June, but part of that is due to time going in to changes behind the scenes.  You may have noticed that The Darling Dogwood has a new look! 

Every year, my husband asks me what I want for Mother's Day.  This is the first year I had an answer: a logo!  I talked to my friend Paige from Quilted Blooms about her logo and she referred me to Valerie of Inkblot Design Studio.  Valerie was awesome to work with and custom designs are remarkably reasonable. I love what she came up with!

Once I had a fabulous logo, I decided that the blog itself needed a little bit of polish.  I picked out a template from Blogaholic Designs.  I communicated with Emily, the designer, and she was amazing.  She answered my questions before I even bought anything and gave me support way beyond what I expect for a standard, non-custom, as-is template. If you are looking for a new blog look, check out Emily's templates for quick and affordable options.

I did get some projects done in June; there will likely be a flood of posts as I try to get caught up!