Monday, April 30, 2018

Mollie's Baby Quilt

My coworker Mollie recently had a baby boy, Waylon.  When Mollie first told us she was having a boy, I asked if she had a theme planned for the nursery.  She told me that she planned on no theme, but if she had decided to do a theme, it would have been forest animals.

Well, I have a HUGE collection of 5" I Spy squares.  So I went through them and picked out anything that I thought might live in a forest.  Then I selected 40 based on biggest variety of animals and a somewhat limited list of colors to give it coherence.  I chose Kona Leprechaun as the background fabric because I thought the green was nice and bright and appropriately forest-y. 

Upper Left
The pattern is Galaxy by Villa Rosa Designs. I really like how quickly it comes together.

Upper Right
I used my best judgement on what qualified as a forest animal.  I didn't ask Mollie for any elaboration when she told me "forest animals" and I didn't tell her I was asking so I could make a quilt, though it's possible that she guessed. I did end up with a lot of repeated animals.  I had quilt a few owl and racoon fabrics.

Lower Left
I did straight line quilting on either side of the vertical seams.  I really like the grid it created.  I've only recently started trying Aurifil thread and my husband gave me a gift set for my birthday. One of the colors in that set matched the Leprechaun perfectly.  Except the thread broke constantly.  Now, I said I'm fairly new to using Aurifil but this wasn't my first time.  On my previous uses, the thread sewed like a dream.  I tried everything I could think of and the thread still broke.  I posted in a quilting forum on facebook asking for help--all the suggestions were things I'd already tried multiple times with no luck.  Someone tagged an Aurifil rep in the US and I had an email from her within half an hour.  She said I had tried everything she would have suggested, it must be a bad spool, and send her a photo of the top of the spool and she would send me a replacement. And within a week, I had a new spool (bigger than my original spool, mind you) plus two bonus spools and a product booklet that outlines all the different weights of Aurifil thread and their best uses.  New spool quilted like a dream and I was able to finish the quilting with far less frustration.  Now THAT is customer service!  I am so impressed!  Thank you, Aurifil!

Lower Right
Mollie and her husband referred to the baby as "Slug" during her pregnancy.  I have hundreds of 5" squares of I Spy fabrics but I was only able to find one slug.  At least, I hope it's a slug! 

I used a great print called Mama & Me for the back. I really love these bears!

I took the quilt to Mollie and Waylon a little over a week ago.  Both seem to like it, and I hope it gets lots of use and love over the years.

This was #4 on my list of Q2 goals for the Finish Along.  This is also my list of UFOs to complete for my PhD (Projects Half Done) with Gail of Quilting Gail.



  1. Yet another quilt, wow, you have a great selection of I Spy fabrics Emily, it looks great. Congrats on another wonderful finish. Such good service from Aurifil, I have had it where a thread keeps breaking too, I find if I go up a size in needle that helps.

  2. Very fun baby quilt! Congrats on getting another one off the PhD list.

  3. That is a sweet baby quilt - I'm sure it will give years of service. So sorry about the frustrations in making it, and am glad that you were able to get such great customer service.

  4. You have the best collection of fabrics. This little quilt is adorable and the green shows off all those fun animal prints perfectly. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  5. Such a fun baby quilt, that green as the background is perfect for a baby boy.

  6. I love this quilt! I've lately been drawn to green fabrics and that bright color you've used as the background is awesome. The pattern is cool, too.

  7. Very cute baby quilt. I am sure your friend will love it. I love the color green.

  8. So much love and thought went into that baby quilt! On behalf of the FAL crew, congrats on your finish and thanks for participating!