Sunday, April 15, 2018

Q2 Goals: 2018

It's time fore the second quarter of the fabulous Finish Along. I really love the Finish Along community and motivation.  Here are my projects for this quarter.  As always, I'm listing way more projects than I will actually complete because I never know what I will be in the mood to work on.

General Projects and Gifts

1. Rin
I did the Rin-Along last year and completed a block.  Now I need to turn it into something.

2. Savannah
I took this class in 2011 and haven't touched it since the day of the class.  It's time to either finish it or pass it on.

3. Magical Forest
I need to assemble my blocks from Stash Bee 2017--I'm making a magical forest!

4. Mollie's Baby Quilt
My coworker Mollie's baby boy has arrived, so I need to get this finished and gifted!  I'm actually much farther along than this picture indicates, I'm at the binding stage so this should be done soon.

5. Amy's baby quilt
I recently learned that a friend who has moved is expecting a baby girl in June.  I plan on using the pattern Cherish by Villa Rosa designs and using a colorful owl print as a feature fabric.

Mini Quilts & Pillows
Pillow Menagerie
I am slowly making us a menagerie of animal throw pillows four our couch, as I got rid of the big cushions that came with the couch because they were so big it was annoying.  The following are pillows I have patterns and fabric for, and I've spent time getting the pattern pieces enlarged and color coded.
6. Lion--pattern is from the zoo animals collection by Kristy @ Quiet Play
7. Giraffe--pattern is from the zoo animals collection by Kristy @ Quiet Play

8. Dandelion
This has been my hand-sewing project on trips and I finished the embroidery!  Now I just need to turn it into a finished project.

9. Vintage holiday
This is my current hand-sewing project and I'm making good progress.

10. Patriotic Stars
I'm queen in one of my online bees this month and have asked for this fabulous star block designed by Cath of Wombat Quilts.  I will be turning these into a door decoration for my front door.

Project Linus

11. Elephants
Last year, I made elephant blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Unfortunately, I ran out of background fabric before assembly was complete and just haven't gotten back to it.  (I do now have more of the needed fabric.)

12. Dog Gone Cute
I made a Dog Gone Cute block for one of the women in a quilting bee, and I liked the block so much I made a second for me. I am slowly making my way through all of Lorna's amazing dog blocks.

13. Snowmen
I liked the Snowman block by Sherry of Powered by Quilting so much that I'm doing a whole quilt of snowmen!  I've made 5 blocks and I want to make 4 more and then have fun with different embellishments.

14. Canyon
This one also got stalled out due to running out of fabric.  I have what I need now, but I just realized I forgot to take a picture; it's called Canyon because it features Kate Spain's Canyon line.

15. Scottie Dogs
This is a top that I completed over winter break that needs to be layered, quilted, and finished.

16. Owls
Another top completed over winter break that needs to be finished.  This one is quilted and just needs binding.



  1. Lots of great projects to carry to you summer!

  2. Nice list. Can't wait to see what you finish.

  3. Good luck with all these projects!

  4. Many great projects, good luck this quarter!

  5. You've got a very fun list of projects for the quarter. Good luck!