Saturday, July 7, 2018

May & June recaps

I know, we're almost a full week into July.  But I never recapped May, so I planned to do May & June at the same time.  And at this point, what's one more week late?

Inspired by Kate at Life in Pieces, I've been tracking days that I spent at least 15 minutes sewing.  In May, I got sewing time 28 out of 31 days for 90 %.  In June, I got sewing time 24 out of 30 days for 80%.  My year-to-date total is 147 days (out of 181) for a total of 81%.

I'm also tracking yardage used (calculated when a project is finished) and yardage bought.  In May, I used 4 yards.  In June, I used 5.3 yards.  My year-to-date yardage used is 40.9 yards.

I did, however, make fabric purchases in both May and June.  In May, I bought 6.75 yards and in June I bought 8.8 yards.  My yardage bought for the year is 28.3  That's more than I intended, though almost all of that is for specific, intended projects that will likely be finished by the end of the year.  Some of the June fabric purchases were specifically for the Eye-Spy Swap hosted by Val

I finished two projects each for May and June.  May's projects were Scottie Dogs and Elephants in the Garden, both donation quilts for Project Linus.

In June, my finishes were a baby quilt for my friend Amy's daughter and a patriotic door quilt for me made of bee blocks from Bee Inspired.


  1. Interesting that you are tracking your sewing time like that. I am a girl who likes a routine and I spend between 45 minutes and an hour sewing every day (except when the power goes out like last week), but not more. That way I'm spreading my time around all my interests and still getting enough done not to get frustrated. There was a time when I only spent 15 minutes but I never felt like I was making any progress. The point is my tracking record would be very dull!
    I love the way that quilt turned out - nice to be a part of it!

  2. I think that means you've had two very productive months! I love your little patriotic door quilt!

  3. I love the elephants and stars!

  4. Fun finishes, fabric out, and stitching time; you had a good couple of months. Love your red, white and blue stars. Happy stitching this weekend.