Sunday, July 29, 2018


In January 2013, I was reading class descriptions from my local quilt shop when I came across one that said, "Scared of curves?  This is the class for you!"  Well, I was scared of curves and I had seen the class sample, so I figured it was a good chance to conquer my fear.  I bought the pattern and the specialty ruler it required and did all the pre-work (cutting) for the class.

I ended up being the only person who enrolled in the class.  The instructor decided not to cancel on me and moved the class to her home where she had a studio in her bonus room.  She walked me through using the "curves for squares" ruler and sewing the curves.  I didn't enjoy it, but I didn't run screaming, either. I got maybe 20 blocks done.  (Keep in mind each block has only one seam.)

When I got home that night, I put the bin with the project under the guest bed and didn't touch it again for years.  Literally years.  I was pregnant when I took the class and I had other sewing that I cared more about getting done before the baby came.  And I still didn't like sewing curves.

Well, it is now long past time to finish this.  I had no desire to make any more blocks, so I laid out what I had in as pleasing an arrangement as I could.  I added a border to make it a slightly better size for Project Linus and I'm calling it done.  I do not consider my fear of curves conquered, but at least this is finished and I don't have to think about it under the bed taunting me any more.  I am not sorry to see the last of this project!

Oh, and I am happy to note that I played binding chicken and won!  This is how much binding I had left:

Funny side note: I haven't looked at the actual pattern in a while, so I've been calling it Savannah because I live half a day's drive from Savannah, Georgia.  But the pattern is actually called "Savanna," presumably after the animal prints used in the pattern's cover version.

This is on my list of projects needed for my PhD (Projects Half Done) with Quilting Gail.  Finishing Savanna was my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for the link-up hosted by Patty of Elm Street Quilts. (Goal setter #107)
Elm Street Quilts

This was #2 on my list of Q3 goals for the Finish Along


  1. Great job conquering your fear of finishing this quilt!!! A win for Project Linus.

  2. Well done on resurrecting and finishing a UFO.

  3. I’m always impressed at those who take steps to conquer their fears so well done for that. Congratulations on a lovely finish and another donation to Project Linus.

  4. How lovely to donate to Project Linus! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  5. Good on you to finish this quilt and congratulations on meeting your goal.

  6. Congrats on finishing off one more UFO. You are doing well on your PhD this year.

  7. Thank goodness this project can no longer nag at you from under the bed!! Nicely finished and sure to be used! Well done :-)

  8. You finished! And it's wonderful - you showed those curves who's boss. :)

    On behalf of the FAL global hosts, thank you for participating and linking up.