Monday, November 26, 2018

Wall of Mini Quilts

I have a large blank wall in my office at work.  I've slowly been adding mini quilts to it, and my goal has always been to fill up the entire wall.  Well, we're moving to a new building as soon as the semester ends so I will never get to fill up this particular wall.  I've already taken them down, but I did take a picture so I can remember them all together.  Don't they just look so great all together?? There is something magical about a wall of mini quilts.

Projects pictured here and their original posts (left to right, and top to bottom when applicable)



Batik Hexies

Singing and Dancing in the Rain

Purple Elephant

Home Sweet Home


 Darth Vader Butterfly

Hazel and the Hedgehogs

I'm not sure that I'll have such a great blank wall in my new location, so what happens to this collection remains to be seen at the moment.  And I have a few almost finishes to add to this group, once they have a new wall to call home.


  1. One day I will have a house with big walls that I can use to have a wall of quilts. Now I just rotate mine inthe little space I have. It does keep them fresh that way.

  2. I love all of them! You were definitely off to a great start. New room just means a new wall to fill :)

  3. They are wonderful! I don't have a whole lot of minis; however, I have been sewing them recently. I enjoy putting them out in small areas that just need something.

  4. Love your mini quilt gallery!!! Especially all the quilts with dogwood. I hope you get the perfect wall at your new location.