Monday, August 19, 2019

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Delivery

Quilters are amazingly generous people.  My friend Carole of From My Carolina Home has organized many quilt drives, and when Hurricane Florence struck her own state last year, Carole leapt into action.  She has organized a pretty major quilt drive for those who lost everything in the storm.

One of the things she put into place was drop-off locations across North Carolina.  She asked me if I would be the runner from the Charlotte metro area.  Of course!  So glad to help with this project.  Since April, I've been picking up quilts from Quilt Patch Fabrics and storing them until I could get them to Carole.  We met once in April and I took her 11 quilts; 10 that had been dropped off at the shop and 1 of mine.  The plan was for us to meet again in August, but she had so many quilts at that point, she needed help getting them further east.  So I drove to Fayetteville instead and did a drop-off of 32 quilts at Loving Stitches Quilt Shop.

Here is my trunk, full of quilts!  And there are more in the back seat!

After driving almost 3 hours, I arrived at Loving Stitches. They gave me directions to their restroom as soon as they realized how far I'd come!  They had fantastic samples even in the bathroom, but I was so focused on drop-off I didn't take any pictures. When I did the drop-off, a friendly quilter helped me unload into a room already bursting with donations for the Carolina Hurricane Quilts!

you can see my penguins up there on top!
I did a quick walk around the shop and bought a pattern that I think is going to be excellent for my Island Batik December challenge.  Then off to meet my friend Irene of Patchwork & Pastry for lunch at Panera.  We had a lovely chat before I needed to head back home.  I passed a total of 10 fire stations on my trip--too bad the Fire Monkey wasn't with me to exclaim at each one!

So in my two trips, I delivered a total of 43 quilts, including the 2 I donated.  I've been so thrilled to be a part of this donation drive and can't wait for Carole's final count of quilts!


  1. What a great gift you have given others! Talking to my Charlotte friend tomorrow, I know she’s in a guild but not sure which one. Are you in a guild there?

  2. This is such a great gift and I know people will cherish the quilt they receive.

  3. Awesome. That's so fun that you live close enough to help Carole out with delivery.

  4. So many quilts, for such a good cause! Cool that you and Carole have worked together on getting the quilts to their destination! I'm hoping my two got to their destination (I lost my tracking number, so I need to hunt for it). Well done, Emily!

  5. Thank you so much for your help both as a quilter and a runner!! The runner from Fayetteville to Wilmington picked up 82 quilts for the last run that included yours. I'll have final numbers for the whole program in September. Thanks again!!