Monday, October 28, 2019

Orion the Owl

At some point over the summer, Island Batik Ambassadors were asked for volunteers to make a stuffed toy from a Funky Friends Factory pattern in upcoming Island Batik fabrics to be used as a sample for market.  I volunteered as quickly as I could!  I was assigned Ollie the Laid Back Owl.  I can't show you the one with the not-yet-released fabrics, but I did make a test owl. Meet Orion!

The turquoise face and weeks and the copper feet are both left from the Tropical Stars quilt and the body fabric is from the Flea Market line that I used in both Modern Turtle Race and All Aboard the Accuquilt Express.  This was my first time using safety eyes and they were a snap to use.  (Pun intended!  Because they kind of snap together!)

Orion is a great size and as you can see, very huggable!  While I made the test owl mostly to get comfortable with the pattern, I also knew that if Fire Monkey knew I was making a stuffed toy it would be difficult to pry it away from him.  He was so excited while I was making Orion and would come to check each morning to see if I had finished the night before.  These two are definitely pals!  In fact, we just got back from a family vacation to Atlanta and Orion had the coveted position of being the one of the 2 stuffed toys selected to come along. 

I have made stuffed toys before, mostly from pre-printed panels.  I've always been frustrated and sworn off making other toys. Not so with this guy! The pattern is very detailed and there is a link to her website with step-by-step photos of making the toy so you can really see what you are supposed to do.  The feet on Orion were a bit fiddly but overall not difficult.  I also really like the finished size.  I know there will be more Funky Friends in my future! (Just don't tell Fire Monkey or I will have to make a whole menagerie!)

Apply To Become a 2020 Island Batik Brand Ambassador Today!

If you love Island Batik's fabrics as much as I do, you might be interested in applying for their ambassador program.  Applications are currently being accepted to for ambassadors in 2020.  Here is the announcement on the Island Batik blog and you can find the application itself here.  Applications are due November 4th. 


  1. Those feet! Great detail!!! And it definitely passed the huggable test!

  2. I'm smiling at his checking your progress. Isn't that fun? Makes it all worth it. Orion is a cutie, and I love the feet!

  3. So perfect! I love this funky friend and its new owner is quite happy. My son would have done the same to me!