Monday, April 27, 2020

burger and fries

With Fire Monkey now home all the time, we've been finding creative things to do with some of our time.  Felt food has been fun for both of us.  After the breakfast feast we made, it was time to move on to a classic: burger & fries!

I didn't follow a tutorial per say but I used this felt burger & fries as inspiration. First, the burger.  As in the inspiration, I added grill marks, which I think really elevates it. Though when I look at it all alone, it looks a little odd out of context :)

Next, the lettuce.  I liked the look of this lettuce leaf and tried to copy the shape and overall look.

Then, the tomato.  This is the element with the most obvious stitching but I've decided that just doesn't matter.  This is play food!

 The cheese was the easiest.  Just a yellow-orange square!

And finally, the bun.  We used some simple hand embroidery stitches to make the sesame seeds for the top bun only; I didn't think the bottom bun needed it and it felt inauthentic. Hand stitching is not Fire Monkey's favorite part but I really like the added touch.  (His favorite part is still cleaning the machine!  And stitching really fast--we put the pedal on the table and he presses it with his hands, thanks to an awesome tip from Kathleen McMusing.)

check out the sesame seeds!

What good is a burger without fries?  The pouch of fries might be my favorite part!

Felt food has been a fun project for us to work on.  We've moved on to a quilt for his teacher but I'm sure we'll come back to more felt food.  There are a few more foods we'd like to make and I'm far from running out of felt, though we may be limited by food color at some point.

 This burger & fries is my 14th completed project in my quest to complete 52 projects in 2020. 


  1. Looks yummy and definitely no calories. What a great project to do; maybe Fire Monkey and you can come up with a logo for your fast felt food.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing your food projects along the way!

  3. Oh, that last photo!?! He's pulling our legs! LOL! They came out so realistic! Great job, Em, winging it from inspiration to table! I'm getting hungry!

  4. That felt food is so fun, and a great way to spend time together. I'll just bet that burger and fries is low calorie, too, eh? Love the picture of fire monkey giving it a taste!

  5. I love that last picture. I also really like the sesame seeds.

  6. What a fun project, and sweet picture of a boy enjoying his felt food! I believe today I will be craving 🍔 and 🍟!

  7. I LOVE how fire monkey is helping you make the food (or are you helping him?) At any rate - tell him he did a wonderful job and the sesame seeds look perfect on the bun!
    These are the type of burger & fries I should have ... way less calories!! LOL!!!
    Happy food making! :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, love the sesame seeds but the tomato had me laughing out loud. The red sleeve really makes the fries :-) Have fun and be safe.

  9. Such a fun project and even more fun that you are working on it together. Love the bag of fries. So you've got breakfast and lunch, what's for dinner?