Saturday, April 4, 2020

Scrap Everything Blog Hop

Note: Some of my photos are not showing up.  This is a known issue with Blogger and they are working on fixing it.  

Pat from Lemon Tree Snippets is hosting a Scrap Everything blog hop.  The idea being that so many plans are being "scrapped" at the moment.  In terms of scrap quilts, I always have plans!  You know I love my I Spy fabrics and that there are so precious that I use my Accuquilt to the pieces into usable scrap sizes.  I decided it was finally time to do something with my smallest pieces--2" squares.

I paired my I Spy scraps with Kona Flame.  I used a 2" gridded fusible interfacing to get those intersections perfect.  I have no idea what brand it is, it isn't marked, and the store where I bought it is no longer in business.  (RIP MaryJo's Cloth Store!)

 There are 480 squares in this quilt (24 x 20) and half of those are scraps, so this used 240 scraps!  And of course it feels like it didn't make a dent!  :) 

I quilted a straight line cross-hatch going diagonal through the Flame squares.  I initially thought Flame was a red color.  But when it came to pick thread, I was worried because I'm out of red thread. I needn't have worried, the orange was a perfect match!

In January, I joined the Charlotte chapter of the Modern Quilter's Guild.  I was only able to go to two meetings before Covid-19 shut everything down, but that was enough time to learn of the guild's charity project for this year.  Friendship Trays delivers food to elderly or infirm individuals who can't obtain or prepare their own meals (similar to meals on wheels but without an age limit).  Friendship Trays includes delivery to families and it is estimate that at any given time, about 150 children ages 2-5 in the Charlotte metro are among the recipients.  The Guild wants to make each of these children a quilt and a backpack to be delivered in December.  They've asked for quilts roughly 36" x 38", a size chosen so that the back can be a single yard of fabric.   This finishes at 38" x 33" and is my first quilt for the goal.

As intended by the guild project, this is backed with a one yard cut of flannel. I honestly don't remember why or when I bought it, though I'm sure it came from MaryJo's Cloth Store, the same place as the gridded interface.  It's Mischief by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex.  It's a cute alphabet print, though it really bothers me that "E" is for "Engine."  What kid is going to look at that and think engine?!  Every kid I know would call that a Train, which clearly does not start with "E"!

Like everyone right now, some of our plans have indeed been scrapped.  We've been trying to make the best of it when we can.  For example, last Saturday we were supposed to see our local symphony play Peter & the Wolf.  Instead, I found a youtube performance by another orchestra and we watched that instead--not the same, but we still got to enjoy the music and the story. My college reunion is canceled, but my friends and I did a Zoom call last Saturday and have another planned for tonight--last week there were 12 of us representing 7 states and Australia, plus appearances by spouses and children.  I hope you are able to find alternatives for some of the plans of yours that have been scrapped!

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  1. That is a fun quilt, and I'm sure it will bring delight to someone. I've never used fusible grid interfacing, but it sure seems to work! No matter how we try, there will always be scraps!

  2. Perfectly scrappy, bright and fun! So you hit all the marks. So sorry so many of your plans have been scrapped. I'm only dealing with work plans that got messed up. Thankfully we didn't have any milestone events to attend this year. Sounds like you've made the best of it on a number of fronts.

  3. Another fun quilt! I do find it interesting that there is often the effect of no dent in the stash...what the heck is that about? And then there is the thing where you never have enough of.....white or black or some color that constantly depletes while the scraps around it multiply. Beats me. I do need to starts a collection for I spy quilts.

  4. That will be such a fun quilt for a child, Em!!! And I feel your pain with the "E" is for TRAIN!?!

  5. I love that fusible grid interfacing. Makes projects like Thai so easy, so you get to enjoy the fabric, rather than spend your time worrying about alignment.