Sunday, October 18, 2020

Birds & Butterflies

Playing with scarps is always fun but playing playing with someone else's scraps is even more fun!  A woman I knew from Project Linus who lives in an adjacent neighborhood to mine contacted me over the summer.  She was sorting through her fabric and had a bag full of novelty fabrics & scraps that she thought I might be interested in, seeing how much I love novelty fabric.  It was a treasure trove!

My guild's philanthropy project this year is quilts for kids ages 2-5 who get meals as part of Friendship Trays, a local Meals-on-Wheels type organization.   I've been through the bag of scraps from Mary several times and one time, a fun bird print really stood out to me.  I had also been admiring a print with red butterflies.  Turns out there was a second butterfly print, this one on a red background.  I thought all three would go together.  In all cases, I had width of fabric though not a lot.  I figured out how to maximize what I had and get a good sized quilt.  For all three of these fabrics, I used it all!


two butterfly fabrics

Also in the bag was a red print with hearts which I thought would make a nice binding.  I believe I used all of it as well.  So four fabrics used up and one fun kid's quilt! The back is a fabric I had, a flannel ladybug print.  I don't use flannel often but I loved sewing on the binding, the needle would glide right through it! 

backing and binding

My guild met in person for the first time today, outside, in a parking lot.  It was so nice to see people in person--it was most social I've been in 7 months!  We all wore masks and everyone brought camp chairs and the weather was beautiful.  So I was able to turn this in to our president in person. She says we are getting close to our goal of 200 quilts!

bird print from the center


  1. Love those butterflies. It's a very sweet quilt. Congrats on the finish and on getting the design just right to use up all those scraps. That's a challenge!

  2. I love the bird print! What a fun quilt, and how cool to be able to use all the fabric. Best of all, though, getting together with your group. Yay!

  3. Emily it’s so great to have this sweet finish, to have met in person and that your Guild has almost 200 charity quilts. Butterflies, birds and ladybugs do go together so well 💕

  4. You are very creative with using novelty fabric!
    Awesome job on this finish! I'm sure one little person will LOVE it! Especially with the pretty butterflies!

  5. What a fun gift! I love that someone sought you out for your reputation of loving novelty fabrics. Its a great quilt and I am sure the recipient will be thrilled.

  6. Kathy, I think it is great that your guild has almost 200 quilts to donate. Your addition will be cuddled by a grateful recipient.

  7. You've turned those birds and butterflies into fun little quilt! That's great that your guild was about to meet in person and social distance!

  8. So cute Emily!! How many people came to the guild meeting? I think ours is too big to do this? I don't know how it would work out. Lucky for you though to see people in person!! It has been a crazy long year, hasn't it?