Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Poncho with Island Batik rayon

One of the things in my January Island Batik ambassador box was a 2 yard piece of a beautiful lavender rayon called Iris Paisley.  I don't sew clothes; it's a completely different skill set and one I have decidedly not mastered.  But back in January/February, I had a plan for that rayon.  See, my office at work was always super cold.  Ridiculously cold.  Multiple maintenance tickets did not solve the problem so my plan was to layer the pretty rayon with some fleece, quilt it, and make the simplest poncho I could so I could essentially wear a blanket at work.  I bought some fleece, layered the two, started quilted a wide cross-hatch, got frustrated with the (small) puckers I was seeing, and put it away.


Then, of course, the world changed and I was no longer going into my crazy cold office.  I completely forgot my abandoned project.  Now that winter has finally arrived in North Carolina, I am getting cold in my house from time to time, especially as my computer sits next to the door to our back deck and I'm still working from home most of the time. So I dug out my partially quilted rayon sandwich.  The puckers weren't as bad as I remembered.  I guessed at the thread I was using (future Emily, please label your projects before you abandon them!) and finished the quilting.  

Iris Paisley

Back in January, I had looked for simple poncho patterns and I think I found one.  Could not find it again.  I ended up keeping the fabric as a rectangle, trimming, and sewing straight lines up from the bottom to form arm holes.  I made bias binding from one of my favorite Foundations fabrics, Dandelion in Jelly, and bound the sleeve and bottom edges as if they were a quilt.

Flattering it is not.  But warm it is!  It's like wearing a blanket!  When I'm sitting at the computer it comes to my knees, so it's a great length for sitting and working.  And with that gorgeous Island Batik rayon, it's pretty to look at.  I wanted to get it documented before the end of 2020.


Pictures from Christmas Eve.  Can you see the snacks out for Santa and the reindeer?

The fabric in this project was provided to me by Island Batik.


  1. Oh, those reindeer slippers are too cute!! Stay warm, and don't forget to hide your money outside tonight.

  2. This looks like it fits the bill for exactly what you need. I keep wanting to make something with mine, but you know, I just haven't. I will but I keep thinking of a simple jacket but it always calls for more fabric...makes me crazy.

  3. What a great idea! You aren't alone in having a cold office. My office is in one of the oldest buildings on campus and it's always so cold in the winter (though my office isn't as cold as My Guy's). We both may need a poncho for the winter.

  4. You and I are opposite. I am always, always hot - just wait until you hit 60 years Emily and that climate control totally changes. Hahaha. You did a great job and it seems very cozy.

  5. Hi Emily -- I remember wearing mittens at work and trying to use the computer, so I think you have come up with an excellent solution. I purchased a poncho to use when travelling and the only difference I think is it might be a bit longer and more rounded at the bottom. No, even the expensive one I bought is not flattering, but it is a utility item. Yours is bright and cheerful and I think warm is the most important idea. Like you, garment sewing is not my thing, as I find the instructions a bit mysterious. Sometimes it is like entire sentences are not written, because the pattern writer assumes you 'know' even though you have are using a beginner level pattern. Well done.