Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Spy Swap Round 4!

Are you ready for more?!  I Spy Swap #4!

Please read the rules carefully.  There is at least one change.  If you do not think you can follow the rules or make the deadline, please do not sign up.

The Rules:
1) We are swapping 5" squares.  Each "spot" in the swap will contribute 24 squares each of 4 different fabrics.  There will be 24 spots in the swap.  This means we will each end up with 96 different squares of fabric!  If your fabric does not require fussy-cutting, you should get 24 squares from a half yard of fabric.  So each spot is essentially a total of 2 yards of fabric.

2) Participants may have up to 2 spots.  If you are doing 2 spots, each of your 8 fabrics must be different.  You will receive back 2 identical sets of 96 fabric squares.

3) Quilt shop quality fabric, please.  If I doubt the quality of the fabric, or it is clear that you are using your cast-offs from another swap and therefor cannot possibly know the origin of the fabric, I will return your fabric unswapped.  No licensed characters or teams. I Spy quilts are for everyone, so no adult-themed fabric.  Anything identifiable by your average child is a-okay. Creative and unusual fabrics encouraged!

4) Packages must be mailed to me no later than August 7th if you are in the United States and August 1st if you are international. This is a mail-by date. Earlier mailing is encouraged. If you do not think you can meet this deadline, do not sign up. I will send an email with my address once the swap is full.

5) Sign up at the form on the bottom of the page.  Then check out our Flickr Group.  I will use Flickr to track who has signed up and when I receive squares.  If you don't have an account, it is free to create one.  You can also post pictures of your fabrics on the group if you choose, but that is not required.

6)   Place your charms in a ziplock bag with an index card/piece of paper/sticker on the outside containing your name, address, and Flickr ID.  Please place all 4 fabrics for a “spot” in one bag together, alternating fabrics.  (ABCD, ABCD, ABCD....)  Please don't forget to put your name on or in your bag--that's how I sort, so it helps me a lot.

7)  Include a prepaid self addressed envelope.  If you do not, I will not be able to return your squares to you!

8) If you want to use up stash of fabric you have purchased, it's fine with me if you combine fabrics to make a group of 24.  If you do, please limit to one hodgepodge per spot and please place the mismatched fabric as "A" in your stacks of ABCD.  Due to the way I sort, this makes it easier for me. Because most of us do the same swaps, please do not send in fabric you have used in one of my previous swaps.  Fabrics you have used in other swaps are fair game.  I do not expect new swappers to know what has been swapped before. Please note that using up your stash is not the same thing as getting rid of your unwanted squares.  If you are just giving out fabrics you've gotten in other swaps, I will send your squares back unswapped.

9) No public complaining! If you have an issue with the quality of fabric, the cutting of the squares you receive, or anything else, contact me privately. Do not send or post admonishments of any kind to the group.

10) Have fun!  Leave me a comment with questions!

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